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Old 12-31-2020, 12:56 PM
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Default Something for Paul - T55AMS

I was looking through some old pics and found something interesting that I couldn't find with a search of http://www.pmulcahy.com/... T-55 AMS - a Polish engineering variant of the T-55AM...

Not sure it's worth a new entry, but I figured I'd bring it up.

These are from the National Museum in Warsaw...



PS: Happy New Years you Grognards...
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Old 12-31-2020, 04:17 PM
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You could pretty much use the T-55AM stats, except drop the hull armor to match the T-55A (the AMS didn't have the BDD applique on the hull, only on the turret). Maintenance should probably drop to 17 since it's a good ton lighter without the hull armor. I also think the BDD should be spaced armor for both the AM and the AMS, like it was in the Polish Army Sourcebook. Other than those things and noting that it can use mine-clearing equipment, I don't think there are significant differences.
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Old 12-31-2020, 11:43 PM
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Hmmm...working on updating tracked EVs right now...
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