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Old 01-06-2021, 09:34 AM
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Default Random Weapons Tables

Hi all!

Happy New Year!

I have a question, does anyone have any reference tables for generating random weapons?

I found an excel spreadsheet from somewhere that can generate an NPCs equipment, but it comes out as generic terms such as Assault Rifle, or Battle Rifle, and Automatic Pistol, or Revolver, rather than AK-74 or FN-FAL, or whatever.

Does anyone have any tables they use when generating NPCs for encounters that provides what they might be carrying weapon wise, and perhaps a dice roll for magazines or rounds?

[EDIT] Further to this the encounter tables in v2.2 basically list 'Poor', 'Civilian' or 'Military' so there's even less detail. I know I can grab something from the relevant army, and do if the characters meet an organized force, but a random table to equip, say, marauders would make things easier is all...
Just looking for anything fast and dirty someone may already have rather than me having to reinvent the wheel...

Thanks in advance!


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