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Old 11-11-2009, 09:37 AM
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Default New Character Sheets

Here I’ve posted a pair of character sheets that our teams has developed for Twilight:2000 (v2.2) for our site. We could call them the “Modified Character Sheet” and the “Advanced Character Sheet” The main difference between them is that we’ve added more skills in the “advanced” one. People who wish to use the skill package of the original game must use the “modified” sheet. In both cases you will find some differences with the original character sheet of Twilight:2000 v2.2:
  • Ammo counters added to the sheet.
  • Vehicle chart added to the sheet.
  • A new space where to take note of the accumulated initiative points and skill points.
  • A little square at the side of each skill to allow the players to indicate which skills his/her character has been using along the game session, as a help for the distribution of the gained skill points.
  • A place to write the weapon characteristics the character could use in the game session.
  • A new column in the injury table where to take note of the armor level of each the location.
  • A new space to take note of the offensive equipment in the front side of the sheet, separately from the general equipment.
  • In the general equipment list and in the offensive equipment list we’ve added a column to indicate the location of the piece of equipment (combat webbing, back pack, HMMWV, or if the character has lent it to another character. As a “house rule” we use the following guide:
  • For the equipment listed as being in the combat webbing: 1 combat action.
  • For the equipment listed as being in an auxiliary, easy to access pack or bag: 1 combat turn
  • For the equipment listed as being in a back pack: 2 combat turns.
  • For other cases, to the referee discretion.
  • In the Language skills we’ve added a space to add the multiplier gained by the character when learning a familiar languages, as listed in the v2.2 rulebook.

For the advanced sheet, you will find some new skills of little or none military use. Most of them are from the Dark Conspiracy and Traveller:TNE skill lists.The old Observation skill has been renamed as Perception and the old Electronics skill has been divided in three new skills under the rule of Cascade Skills:
  • Electronics: Repair and Maintenance
  • Electronics: Communications
  • Electronics: Sensor Operation

.PDF version of the modified character sheet: Twilight2000BlankPJ1mod.pdf
.Excel version (in a .ZIP file) of the modified character sheet: Twilight2000 Blanc PJ1 mod.zip
.PDF version of the advanced character sheet:Twilight2000BlancPJ1adv.pdf
.Excel version (in a .ZIP file) of the advanced character sheet:Twilight2000 Blanc PJ1 adv.zip

Note: If you can't see the same fonts in the Excel file and in the .pdf version, the .zip files include the proper fonts to be installed. In the Excel files, some cells (those that must not be written by the players) are "protected" to avoid my players to alter the sheet. If you need to edit them, desprotect the page (there's no password).

Any feedback will be welcome if you find that some more useful information could be included in these sheets.
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Old 11-14-2009, 08:46 AM
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Very nicely done. I like the modified ones.
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