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Default A Campaign Log (T2K Europe)

agrikk 03-10-2004, 04:35 PM So I've had this site up for a while, mostly for my players to remember what's happened over the course of this campaign, but we've finally finished it, and therefore my campaign log (http://www.rainwalk.net/gaming/t2k/index.htm) is finally complete.

In order, we ran Escape from Kalisz, Free City of Krakow, Pirates of the Vistula, Ruins of Warsaw, Black Madonna and Going Home.

The printable view (http://www.rainwalk.net/gaming/t2k/j..._printable.htm) of the log is 73 pages, so you might just want to check out the daily log.

I'm very proud of this thing. It's been a labor of love, so check it out if you're into reading other people's gaming journals.




Lindgaard 03-11-2004, 03:42 AM HHello Agrikk

I have just been skimming through your journal . . . i think its very cool.

Will you do a journal of the american modules too ?

What version of the rules are you using ? we use version 2.2 and its very hard to kill a PC with those rules




agrikk 03-12-2004, 10:09 AM Actually, we dropped the Twilight rules altogether and are using the Aftermath! system from Fantasy Games Unlimited.

I've always thought that the original T2K rules were awkward and simplistic, and after fussing with them to make them more playable, I gave up and switched to Aftermath, where everything is incredibly lethal.

In fact, for the first time ever, I actually had characters who spent a combat round ducking behind cover, THEN returning fire, the combat is so lethal.

Their last push through the Going Home module had them involved in a lot of armored combat, and that's when players started dying. There's just no way to fudge a direct hit with an RPG-16.

I always give my players a 1-in-6 "hero roll" to see if they survive a massive explosion or something like that, but, of course, few do.

When we get to America (yes, we'll be playing the America modules, but I don't know when. I'll be keeping a journal, though), it will be nicer on the players because there will be less armored combat and more small-unit stuff, where they tend to survive more.

There were some fluke rolls as well in those last few nights. When Red died (http://www.rainwalk.net/gaming/t2k/00-10-14.htm) it was basically some incoming fire against a group of 20 rangers and him, so I simply said pick a number between 1 and 20. He said 17, I rolled 17, meaning he gets attacked with a burst of 25mm HE rounds. Bummer, for sure, because I really liked that character.

Similarly, when Brass died (http://www.rainwalk.net/gaming/t2k/00-10-14.htm) the RPG that struck his vehicle was the only RPG to do any significant damage to the whole convoy. Another bummer.



Ed the Coastie 03-14-2004, 12:10 PM I'm rather intrigued by the idea of using the Aftermath system...I love the game, but have found it to be rather complex for my gaming group to play.

Not to mention INCREDIBLY lethal.

However, I am curious how you converted the equipment and such.


agrikk 04-15-2004, 05:14 PM Most of the equipment carries right over (a flashlight is a flashlight no matter what game system you're using) and light weapons were pulled straight from Book 3 of Aftermath rules.

Heavy weapons were a bit trickier. Machine guns were converted to use the machine gun rules of Aftermath (nasty!) and explosives were also converted to Aftermath (nasty nasty!). Typically I stayed with the Twilight rules for vehicle combat as they were lightweight and basically got the job done.

No kidding is Aftermath a lethal game. I had but one player death using the Twilight rules and three under Aftermath in about a third of the time!

I finally had to cajole the player to spend a round to seek cover if they got into a firefight. T2K combat is so mellow that people typically stood and shot it out with light weapons, whereas Aftermath rules are so wicked I kept saying to my players, "Spend the first round running and dodging for cover, man."

Their first use of the M60 and PK MGs was another big deal. Before, the LMG was just another assault rifle, albeit a heavier one with a slightly higher ROF. But in AM those damn things attack hexes and everyone within them gets hit. Suddenly being mowed down under a withering hail of fire became a possibility.

But the combats were much, MUCH more hair-raising. The battle on the river between the Vistula Quen and the river pirates was so unbelieveably cool. The carnage and raw destruction that these players could inflict from their heavily armed and armored tug had everyone laughing and shaking their heads from the intensity of it.

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