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Old 01-21-2010, 10:28 PM
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Default An addition to Orrin Ladds California OOB, sort of...

Antenna 08-12-2004, 01:46 AM Well, I try to cruise on the net early mornings and late evenings to find interresting things to read and look on...

Well, this page would be something for Orrin Ladds Californian OOB.

The Jacques Littlefield Military Vehicle Collection (http://www.mishalov.net/military-veh...-vehicles.html)

Well, this link is about a military collector in California, Portola Valley. He owns 220 military vehicles, including 66 tanks from late World War I through the 1980's.

I was thinking that these vehicles would be fielded into the californian US forces.

For those tanks, Arty and AAA that are foreign or to old for haveing newly produced rounds would you try to produce some sort of munitions to get them fielded either for antitank use (hard need at least TL-5) or anti-infantry use (need TL-4).

Also to reinvent those rounds you need at least facilities that are one Tech Level above the round to that you try to invent?

Well, there is potential in this guys collection. At least you can use those two Leo-1's with their 105mm Guns.



TiggerCCW UK 08-12-2004, 05:54 AM I have used re enactment groups in a similar way in some of my campaigns. It was interesting watching the reaction on the faces of a wounded player who had passed out and came round to be being treated by WW2 Fallschirmjager (sp?). Fair play to him though - he roleplayed it to the hilt, and was even considering setting up an escape committee.


Webstral 08-13-2004, 12:27 PM Amazingly enough, I know Jacques. Not well, mind you--but I've met him. A buddy and I use his facility for photoshoots. He was inquiring whether or not I'd like to be a docent as his facility when I got the Word. ("Got a letter in the mail...")

The big problem with using these vehicles would be spares. Sure, Jacques rolls them out from time to time. However, using them in operations is an entirely different matter. I think Jacques would burn through his spares pretty quickly. Also, he'd have to restore the guns of the vehicles to firing condition. Then there's the matter of ammunition. I think the vehicles represent a resource, but they aren't quite as useful as 200 military vehicles might seem on the surface.

By the way, here are links to some of the photos we've taken at Jacques' place and elsewhere:


I'm on the top row, far left.


This is my wife.


This is me. (No, I'm not in the Navy, but the photographer needed someone last minute.)



Antenna 08-13-2004, 07:55 PM So Webstral if you would take a rough guess betwen your thumb and index finger...

How many Vehicles would you be able to field and what wearvalue would they have. And how many spares/type of spares would you find on Jaques ranch. Couse I maybe going to let my crowd game in California this fall, still not sure but anyway. I think that even a MG in a tank as a armed/mobile MG post would scare many Mexican infantrymen to flee ?

Now I'm not sure if the Leo's use the same gun as M1 but gonna check before I get to finland in less then 75 min. (0400AM my mom gets by with her husband)


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