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Default US Issue (circa 1995)

FightingFlamingo 03-08-2006, 10:00 AM My issue from about '95/96

2 sets HW BDU

2 sets Temperate BDU

2 pair Boots, Combat (full leather)

1 pr Boots CW

2 Patrol Caps

1 Helmet, PASG w/cover

LBV (holds 6 30rnd Mags, 2 Grenades)

1 Pistol Belt

2 Ammo Pouches 5.56mmN (holds 3 30rnd Mags 2 grenades each)

1 Gerber Sport MultiTool

1 Bayonet

2 1 quart canteens w/ cover

1 first aid pouch w/ 1 field dressing

1 M40 Protective mask w/ hood/carrier/personal decon wipes/3 atropine injectors 3 2PCL injectors

2 MOPP suits (w/ over boots and gloves)(sealed in Mylar bags)

1 gortex Parka ECWS

1 gortex trousers ECWS

1 rain Parka

1 rain Pants

1 pr Rubber overboots (wet Weather)

1 shelter half

1 ALICE Pack LRG w/ Frame

10 pr Socks ( black/wool)

10 pr Underwear

10 pr Brown T Shirts

2 sets Polypropelene underwear

1 Vest,protective;Fragmentation (Ranger Battle Armor)

1 Poncho (nylon)

1 2 quart canteen w/cover

1 Entrenching tool w/ carrier

1 M65 Field Jacket w/ Liner

1 Pile Cap

1 Bag, Duffel

1 Small Arms Cleaning Kit

1 Bag, Sleeping Modular ECWS

1 field pack, training (the butt pack)

1 Camelback Hydration system ( I got an OD MULE) 100 fl oz.

combat load was typically


210 rnds 5.56N (7 30rnd mags)

2 Fragmentation grenades, 2 HC Smoke Grenades, 1 Red Smoke Grenade

add AN/PRC 126 for SL/TL

Grenadier's vest for 203 Gunner with 25 40mm Grenades mostly HE with some Smoke, Illum, and HEDP.

Each man in the squad typically had to carry one AT4 on top of the ruck.

Gear split between butt pack/LBV, Ruck, and duffle

LBV carried on person at all times

Ruck carried on organic vehicle/or on person in light units

duffle carried in Organic Vehicle or with Company Trains


BnF95 03-08-2006, 10:18 PM Would individual tactical radios be considered alright for issue on this level?


FightingFlamingo 03-09-2006, 07:22 AM In my experience outside of SpecOps... no tactical radio's to individuals, just Team Leaders and Squad leaders. Although we would buy motorola walkabout radio's, and they'd work from time to time... the trouble is if you give out too many, the net gets crowded.


BnF95 03-10-2006, 02:43 AM FightingFlamingo, weren't the MOLLEs issued to some troops during Desert Shield/Storm?


Law0369 03-10-2006, 03:41 AM gear issue for marines was that until 1995 marine used y or h harness.in the summer of 1995 marine infantry and combat arms were issued lbv's. in the summer of 2000 marine infantry and combat arms were issued molle. now that the war is going on most marines dont use molle. they just attach all pouches and mag holders to there body armor and use camelback for water not canteens.


pmulcahy 03-10-2006, 09:43 AM FightingFlamingo, weren't the MOLLEs issued to some troops during Desert Shield/Storm?

We had them at 82nd, but we didn't get them until we were already in Saudi, and from what I understand, the whole 82nd didn't get them until after Desert Storm, and not even all the infantry units in the 82nd had them for Desert Storm. A friend of mine at 10th Mountain told me they had theirs for a few months, and that was about a month before Desert Shield (I visited him at Drum.) Based on that, I would guess units like the Rangers and special ops types already had MOLLE, unless they were using something better or more mission-specific.

I don't believe the Marines got theirs until about 1995 or so, and the Army National Guard in San Antonio is still waiting for theirs. The gate guards (when the Threat Level is appropriate) sometimes wear LBEs, but they are not MOLLE. I'm told the CCTs and Pararescue guys have them, but I don't know when they were issued.

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