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Default NATO Orbat


NATO Orbat


This is my understanding of the original order of battle for NATO up to the end of the Cold War.

1. The Ministers of Defence and Chiefs of Staff, led by the Secretary-General of NATO.

2. The major commands: Supreme Allied Command Europe, Allied Command Channel, Commander in Chief Atlantic. (American, British, American)

3. Subordinate to SACEUR are:
- Mobile Command Europe (such special forces and mobile units attached directly to SACEUR) (nationality depends)
- Allied Forces North (AFNORTH, being during the Cold War Scandinavia, the North Sea, the Baltic)
- Allied Forces Central Europe (AFCENT, consisting of two Army Groups, NORTHAG and CENTAG, and two Allied Air Forces) - Allied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH, consisting of an allied Mediterranean Fleet, a Southwestern, a Southcentral and a Southeastern Command with a supporting air division attached to each one)

4. AFNORTH would consist of an allied Baltic fleet, supporting air units and a northern, central and southern command from the northernmost parts of Norway to where the canal meets Denmark and Germany. A Canadian battalion possibly reinforced to brigade strength as well as Royal Marines and American SEALs would be added via Mobile Command Europe. (commander's nationality is Scandinavian or German at this time period)

5. NORTHAG would consist of the British Army of the Rhine, a Netherlands Corps, a Belgian Corps and a German Corps or Army. Other Canadian troops would theoretically be assigned either to NORTHAG or CENTAG. Note that troops from Luxemburg would probably be added to the Belgian Corps. (nationality is British and is also the commander of the BAOR)

6. CENTAG would consist of the 7th US Army plus German and French armies. (This commander is an American, usually also the commander of the 7th US Army)

7. AFSOUTH's units would include a Turkish Army, possibly reinforced by a second, as well as a Spanish Corps, a Portuguese Brigade, three Italian Corps and a Greek Corps. Included among allies would be the British garrison at Gibraltar. (The commander is usually an American Admiral given the nature of this theatre; subordinates are Spanish, Italian and Turkish)

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