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Default Military Region V: Part Two


Military Region V: Part Two


Arrival in Omaha

The city is guarded by elements of the 1/134th Infantry Regiment, Nebraska National Guard. While no one is starving, food is being rationed as is power. Some areas of the city are without it. General work projects include those to get the main railroads running to connect up with other major food production areas, working on the various factories that keep the city going and labour to recycle. While this goes on a small but elite court surrounds the presidency, mostly made up of mere skeletons of the former vast numbers of government bureaucrats of all stripes, now reduced to pre-civil war levels of numbers. In a way there is little for them to do; like the court of the Byzantine Emperors just a few years before the final conquest by the Ottomans they are barely in touch with their former empire. Milgov, while heavily engaged in conflicts, at least is in full contact with all its forces. Civgov often finds it is broadcasting to those who cannot transmit back.

In 'the castle' as the President's new residence is called, he receives reports that are often out of date, and are no sooner responded to with his signature than he receives reports that the military units in question are evacuated, the town in question has fallen to plague, that marauders are occupying the area in question. Broward is a strong willed man but he is being worn down.

My players arrive on the scene to make their reports. They are disturbed to find that a man who apparently gave the government's benign nod to the corporation that ultimately ended up created the very bioweapon that they have samples of is now the National Security Advisor, Mr. Robert Taliesen. When this is pointed out Taliesen calmly informs them that the conspirators have clearly exceeded the parameters of the experiment, were obviously infiltrated by Earth Firsters and that the remains of the organization must be destroyed. The players are clearly the best people to do that and therefore are to be sent to destroy a facility that apparently existed in Kansas, a facility meant to house the corporation's personnel and dependants during the launch of the bioweapons.

Along with units of the 35th Engineer Brigade and the 134th Infantry Regiment as well as a CIA operative to 'advise' the team they are to head to Kansas not far from Salina to seek out the terrorists' shelter and destroy it.

This is a dangerous trip; the 134th only patrols to within about 50 klicks of Omaha. Beyond that they are fair game for wild biker gangs and other marauders. However they will be travelling with a decent sized unit this time. (I still haven't determined how far to go with this and wouldn't mind some advice on how to give them a backup unit without making it overpowering)

Upon arrival at the facility they discover that there are Soviet vehicles near the facility. Closer examination will reveal that this is a unit of the School Brigade, but hasty reactions might be very bad indeed. The question is...what is this Milgov unit doing there?

What they do not know is that the Milgov forces have no idea what the corporate people have been up to. They have presented themselves as hapless scientists, their security unit having fled or run out of ammunition rather recently, and that they are desperately in need of protection. They don't realize that they are part of a group that planned to 'cull' the population of the North American continent.

This is an interesting place, part biosphere project and part bunker, which due to rumors that Salina was nuked has been left alone, largely. (Salina was not nuked but a missile--which turned out to not go off properly--was aimed at it. The flash in the sky was a plane it hit by pure accident, but panic and later myth created the story. It didn't help that refugees passing through from other areas showed up with radiation sickness so bad that they made geiger counters go off wild, died soon after contact and were left by panicking state troopers to dry up on the roads.

At the facility the players will see huge greenhouses and environmental areas, power generation areas and defensive perimeters that are being augmented by the School Brigade's unit. (Again, I'm not sure how big to make this unit, it will partly depend on how big the escorting force is. I want it to be professional and strong enough so that they can't easily attack.)

Another problem is that the personnel at the facility for the most part might be radical environmentalists but most of them are not murderers--they had no idea what was really being done. This is largely a survivalist facility and in a sense an ark--it contains a number of species in the environmental areas as well as a gene bank--one of a number of shelters meant for people to be able to survive a holocaust. Only a few were aware of what would happen, and are not sure if it ever did. They have lost all contact with the facility in New York and are now rather worried. This is why they sent scouts out and contacted the School Brigade. They are proving to be a valuable asset to Milgov--a working lab with its own generators and everything from medical doctors to biologists to chemists! A treasure trove! The Milgov forces for their part will not lightly part with this nor let it be harmed.

This is what I've got so far for the next part of things.



Milgov Forces

The School Brigade
Subordination: 49th Armored Division
(HQ in Wichita)
Manpower: 1400
AFVs: 12

Additions to the canon history: Ironically, because of the collection of museum pieces as well as foreign vehicles in its pool of resources the School Brigade has at times caused fear of a Soviet landing in the USA. Recently it sent assistance in the form of a reinforced mechanized infantry company to support a corporate research facility. This company consists of 3 T-80 tanks, 4 BMP-3s, 4 HMMWVs, 2 M901 ITVs and 1 M106. The company commander went out of his way to make sure that there was something denoting American patriotism on each vehicle. The region they have ended up in is near Cedar Lake Resevoir.

The School Brigade also conducts patrols as far north as Salina and as far east as within a few klicks of Topeka.


I'm debating seriously whether or not to say that the 4th Infantry Division are in Colorado; either that they never left CONUS or that the remnants, recruiting along the way and after arriving had returned.
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