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Default 44th Armored Division orbat


44th Armored Division orbat


44th Armored Division – Formed at Ft. Hood, TX 2/28/97

a. 30th Armored Brigade – TN NG - Jackson, TN
i. 1-109th Armor Battalion – TN NG
ii. 2-109th Armor Battalion – TN NG
iii. 1-117th Infantry Battalion (Mech) – TN NG

b. 31st Armored Brigade – AL NG - Northport, AL
i. 1-131st Armor Battalion – AL NG
ii. 1-152nd Armor Battalion – AL NG
iii. 1-167th Infantry Battalion (Mech) – AL NG

c. 218th Infantry Brigade (Mech) – SC NG - Newberry, SC
i. 1-118th Infantry Battalion (Mech) – SC NG
ii. 4-118th Infantry Battalion (Mech) – SC NG
iii. 1-263rd Armor Battalion – SC NG

d. 44th Aviation Brigade
i. 1-44th Attack Helicopter Battalion
ii. 2-44th Aviation Battalion
iii. TF 1-44th Cavalry
1. A Troop/ 230th Cavalry Regiment – TN NG
2. E Troop/ 31st Cavalry Regiment – AL NG
3. B Troop/202nd Cavalry Regiment – SC NG
4. D Troop/ 44th Cavalry Regiment
5. E Troop/ 44th Cavalry Regiment
6. F Troop/ 44th Cavalry Regiment

e. 44th AD Divarty (ex – 631st Field Artillery Brigade) – MS NG - Grenada, MS
i. 3-115th Field Artillery Battalion – TN NG – DS 30th Bde
ii. 1-117th Field Artillery Battalion – AL NG – DS 31st Bde
iii. 1-178th Field Artillery Battalion – SC NG – DS 218th Bde
iv. 1-114th Field Artillery Battalion – MS NG

f. 44th Engineer Brigade
i. 230th Engineer Battalion – TN NG
ii. 145th Engineer Battalion – AL NG
iii. 178th Engineer Battalion – SC NG

g. 44th AD Discom
i. 30th Support Battalion (Fwd) – TN NG
ii. 31st Support Battalion (Fwd) – AL NG
iii. 163rd Support Battalion (Fwd) – SC NG
iv. 544th Support Battalion (Main)
v. 744th Support Battalion (Av)

h. 44th AD Separate Elements
i. 132nd MP Company – SC NG
ii. 244th Signal Battalion
iii. 208th Chemical Company – AL NG
iv. 444th Military Intelligence Battalion (CEWI)
1. 330th Military Intelligence Company – TN NG
2. 31st Military Intelligence Company – AL NG
3. 218th Military Intelligence Company – SC NG
4. D Company
5. E Company
6. 155th Infantry Detachment (LRSD) – MS NG
v. TF 1- 204th ADA Battalion – MS NG
1. A Btry/ 204th ADA Regiment - MS NG
2. B Btry/ 204th ADA Regiment – MS NG
3. C Btry/ 204th ADA Regiment
4. E Btry/263rd ADA Regiment – SC NG
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