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Old 11-21-2010, 08:44 PM
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Default Morrow Project Recon Team MI-R-08

Michigan Combined Operations Group Three (MI-COG-03)

Morrow Project Michigan Combined Operations Group Three (MI-COG-03): The Project Planners did not understand completely why, but Bruce E. Morrow did not allow for the basing of a fully staffed Combined Operations Group for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Instead he did allow for the assignment what could be considered a bare bones infrastructure of a combined operations group within the district. It was felt that this bare bones team infrastructure could easily be expanded and filled out with the transfers of needed teams if necessary. In fact Project Directors felt that the over staffed teams would be able to use the larger number personnel that had been assigned to the field teams as sufficient compensation for the smaller number of teams assigned.

The Combined Operations Group Upper Peninsula does not include (nor dose the rank and file know of the existence of) the Isle Royale Morrow Project supply depot facilities. Isle Royale has been covertly attempting to make contact with any active Morrow Project assets for almost the past century-and-a-half. While they do not posses the recall codes, they do know the locations where the Combined Operations Group command and science teams were buried.

MARS Team MI-M-10 awoke almost five years ago due to a containment breech of their bolthole, and its team leader has since appointed himself the warlord of the small community that the team had first encountered shortly after emerging into the new post-apocalyptic world. Recon Team MI-R-08 will learn of their existence (but not their recent activities, since he does not know the recent turn of events) from Damocles not that long after he joins the Morrow Project, and they will leave to investigate MARS Team MI-M-10 not long after arriving at the Damocles Complex.

Damocles also informs Recon Team MI-R-08 of strange communications signals emanating from Isle Royal National Park. The team will use his knowledge of pre-War region to discover the possible existence of Morrow Project facilities on the nearby shoreline that might contain the needed craft to travel out onto the Great Lakes.

After Recon Team M-R-08 carries out its investigation of Isle Royale, and activates the supply base there. They are able to convince Isle Royale staff to give them the information to seek out and activate the rest of Morrow Project Combined Operations Group Upper Peninsula after they learn of the existence of Damocles Complex and the fact that Damocles has agreed to join the Morrow Project if (and only if) the Project will continue the work to complete his construction and programming.

Morrow Command & Control Team MI-CC-03:

LTC James 'Gentleman Jim' <surname>, Team Leader/COG Director:
Deputy Team Leader:
Team Driver-Mechanic:
Back-up Team Driver-Mechanic:
Team Medical Specialist:
Assistant Team Medical Specialist:

<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Liaison Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Economics & Finance Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Personnel Systems Management Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Administration Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Administration Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Administration Supervisor:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>,
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>,
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>,
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>,
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>,
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Electronic Systems Maintenance Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Information Systems Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Network Management Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Signal Systems Support Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team SATCOM Operations Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team SATCOM Maintenance Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Financial Management Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Public Affairs Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Intelligence Analysis Specialist:
<first name> <middle name> '<nickname>' <surname>, Team Resources Management Specialist:

Assigned Team Equipment and Vehicles:

Team Vehicles: Cadillac Gage Commando Ranger MCP 4x4 armored personnel carrier (1), Cadillac Gage Commando Ranger 4x4 armored personnel carrier (3), Ford Motor Company XR-311 4x4 light combat support vehicle (3).

Team Auxiliary Vehicles:
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