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Old 12-10-2008, 12:42 AM
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Default Your favorite weapons U.S

OK everyone you all know that I am a firearms nerd and I surf the internet in search of the perfect pictures of guns. I decided to make "your favorites" post of T2K weapons so here are mine. I decided to choose only U.S weapons for this one, because there are so many firearms I like. All of the weapons selected are older not cutting edge by todays standards but have been in U.S. inventories in the past, and could have been obtained in the 80's and 90's. Clearly firearms from the Vietnam Era strongly shaped my interest in firearms as a child

Maine Battle Rifle:
But I would take an M14 in any configuration I could get my hands on. While most had the selector switch blocked the one in the picture has the happy switch I wouldn't mind having this feature if possible, then I could function as an automatic rifleman if need be but its not necessary. Though I would prefer the fiber glass stock to a wood one. Replaced by the M16A1 its possible that it could be obtained from National guard units or USN.
Name:  m14_1.jpg
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Assault Rifle:
CAR-15 (XM 177E1)
Lighter and handier than the M4 also I prefer Full-auto over 3 round burst. Might have to obtain this from Air force. But if I have to carry an M16 it aught to at look cool at least. Probably it would be difficult to obtain. Though the Air force carried the GAU-5/A until recently replaced by M4's.
Name:  XM177e1a.jpg
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Size:  48.2 KB

Ithaca M37
Simple reliable and well made, loads and ejects through the port in the bottom which helps to keep dirt out of the action. Give me a claymore bag full of 00 buckshot and I would be really happy.It's unlikely that very many of these would be languishing in unit inventories by the 1980's and 90's most having been sold off to police stations.Name:  ithaca37hs.jpg
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Size:  7.8 KB

Sub Machine gun:
M3A1 (grease gun)
no frills .45ACP sub machine gun, still in U.S. inventories with Tankers in the 1990's.Name:  M3A1GreaseGun.jpg
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Size:  41.0 KB

1911A1 MEU SOC
A 1911A1 customized by USMC armorers as Qauntico VA. And issued to the Marine Expeditionary Units and Force recon. Basically a custom rebuilt 1911A1 with a National Stock number. I would carry this in a M7 holster holster because it looks salty as hell. But I would also settle for a Bianchi UM-84.
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