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Old 12-12-2018, 09:51 PM
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I posted this in the Dark Conspiracy FB group, but it works just as well for this thread.

A space gun I didn't know about until today, the TOZ-81 "Mars." It never entered production, the TOZ-82/TP-82 being preferred. This one's interesting because it's a revolver that fires from the bottom of the cylinder, it's set up so the barrel and chamber combined are 33.6 of the gun's 35.5 centimeters of overall length, and the barrel can be swapped out to fire either 5.45x39mm or .410. It also has an over-barrel swiveling bayonet, which seems a bit over-the-top in more ways than one.

For purposes of calculating recoil, I used a mass of 1 kilogram since I couldn't find an actual mass. If it had entered production, my guess it it would have been issued with 10 rounds of each type of ammunition.

5.45x39mm: ROF DAR, Dam 2, Pen 1-Nil, Bulk 2, Mag 5R, SS 6, Rng 9
.410 (buck): ROF 3 (buckshot), Dam 1, Pen Nil, Bulk 2, Mag 5R, SS 6, Rng 8
Bayonet: Rng S, Hit Mod +2, Dam 1d6+(Str/2)

The bayonet is modified from the one in the core T2K v2.2 rules based on my interpretation of the guidance in FF&S regarding bayonets mounted on guns with Bulk less than 4.

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