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Old 05-11-2009, 02:28 PM
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Default Canadian OOB

Here my Canadian OOB for a Guide to Canada I am working on

Canadian Army Europe

1st Canadian Division

The 1st Canadian Division was reformed in November of 1989 followed the Canadian Government's decision to end the Canadian Air-Sea Transportable (CAST) Brigade Group commitment to reinforce Northern Norway. 5th Canadian Brigade Group, or more accurately, 5e Groupe-Brigade du Canada, based in Quebec, was thus available for other tasks. The CAST rapid-reinforcement commitment had been encountering problems, most graphically demonstrated during Exercise BRAVE LION in 1986, which prompted Canada to start formal consultations with NATO about consolidating the CAST Brigade and 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, based in southern Germany. The two separate forces would have meant critical logistical and medical support needs would have gone unmet in case of real war. The hole thus created by the removal of the CAST Brigade Group was filled, to a degree, by the creation of a NATO Composite Force (NCF) which Canada promised a battalion group towards.

The headquarters was established, with both 4th and 5th brigades under command, at CFB Kingston, with a forward detachment at Lahr in Germany where the 4th Brigade was based. The main headquarters was intended to move gradually from Kingston to Lahr over a period of time, though this never, in the event, took place. With the division only having two brigades, it was assumed that in wartime, either a German or US brigade would be assigned to provide the necessary third manoeuvre element. Training and exercises were conducted with this in mind. Some changes were necessary to the two brigades, as the 5th Brigade only had three-quarters of the 4th Brigade’s personnel and equipment.

As finally envisaged, the Division would have had two brigades as its fighting formations, with the support organizations held at the divisional level. Once reinforcements had arrived from Canada, each brigade would have had one small armoured regiment (two squadrons, each 20 tanks), and two four-company infantry battalions. Divisional troops would have been a mix of former 4th and 5th Brigade units along with some troops from 1st Brigade Group in western Canada. 3rd RCHA was intended to have been re-equipped with the MLRS to provide general support, while a further engineer regiment, 7 CER, was to have been formed. The Fort Garry Horse was also to have been re-formed to provide a divisional reconnaissance capability.

1st Canadian Division Headquarters

In 1989, the 1st Canadian Division Headquarters (1 Cdn Div HQ) was reactivated together with 1st Canadian Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment (1 CDHSR). 1 Cdn Div HQ was a unique element of the Canadian Forces (CF) consisting of two units: 1 CDHSR and 1st Canadian Division Intelligence Company (1 Cdn Div Int Coy). It was capable of deploying a land-based, Headquarters at Division level consisting of Army and Air Force personnel.

Combat Units

4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
256th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized) Louisiana Army National Guard
4th Canadian Reconnaissance Squadron (The Fort Garry Horse)
3rd Regiment, RCHA (MLRS)
244th Aviation Brigade (USA/USANG)
“B” Element Joint Anti Terrorism Force Two

Divisional Support Units

1st Canadian Division Defence and Security Company
1st Canadian Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment
1st Canadian Division Intelligence Company
7 Feild Engineering Squadron (Civil Engineering) / Composite Engineering Battalion - (US ANG)
1st Canadian Division Field Park
1st Canadian Military Police Company
1st Canadian Postal Unit
1 Canadian Field Hospital
2 Electronic Warfare Squadron

4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group

4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group served as the main forward deployed land element of Canada's armed forces, and was stationed in Lahr West Germany from 1957 until it the start of the Twilight 2000 ground war

4 CMBG Headquarters & Signal Squadron
1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's)
4 Combat Engineering Regiment
3rd Battalion, the Royal Canadian Regiment
1st Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment
4 Service Battalion
4 Field Ambulance
403 Tactical Helicopter Squadron
4 Military Police Platoon

5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group

5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group is a Canadian Army brigade group that is part of Land Forces Quebec Area of the Canadian army. It is based in CFB Valcartier. The brigade group is the formation responsible for the majority of francophone units of the regular army. It was sent to Lahr West Germany to join 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
5 CMBG Headquarters & Signal Squadron
12e Régiment Blindé du Canada
5th Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
5 Combat Engineer Regiment
2nd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment
3rd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment
5 Service Battalion
5 Field Ambulance
430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron
5 Military Police Platoon

NATO Composite Force Norway

Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group

3rd Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
G Battery 2nd Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
C Squadron Royal Canadian Dragoons

4th Air Defence Regiment, RCA

4th Air Defence Regiment, RCA (4 AD Regt) was first formed on 27 November 1987 at CFB Lahr and Baden, FRG with a headquarters, three batteries (127, 128 and 129 Air Defence Batteries) and a second-line maintenance workshop (4 Air Defence Workshop), and established at 620 all ranks. The regiment’s role was to provide low-level air defence to designated airfields and a brigade group within Canadian Forces Europe.

127 Air Defence Battery Detached to 4 CMBG
128 Air Defence Battery CFB Lahr
129 Air Defence Battery Detached to 5 CMBG

To accomplish this task, the regiment’s Boffin anti-aircraft guns and Blowpipe MANPADS missiles were withdrawn from service, and the regiment was re-equipped during the in 1988-90 period with two new primary weapon systems : the Oerlikon Aerospace Air Defence Anti-Tank System (ADATS), the Oerlikon-Contraves Skyguard Radar Fire-Control Unit (FCU), and the Oerlikon Twin 35 mm antiaircraft gun.

CFB Lahr Defence Force

As war drew closer in Europe the Canadian Airforce grew concerned about airborne attacks to CFB Lahr, home to 1 Canadian Air Group, Canada’s contribution to NATO Airforce in Central Germany. The Airforce partially worried about GRU or KGB team gaining access to the Base and destroying the aircraft and fuel. With only a small unit auxiliary security and a platoon of MP the Airforce made a request for the formation of Security Company. These was achieved by placing all MP from Lahr in the Company and add personnel form base sections that would not be need for the upcoming war, Fin, admin ect. There was also about 20 reservist that sent from Canada, as the war worn on this unit became bigger as ground crew found transfer to it, as aircraft were destroyed. In 2000 the unit found itself in the Canadian Division Service Area, acting as security element

Current Strength: 400
I will not hide. I will not be deterred nor will I be intimidated from my performing my duty, I am a Canadian Soldier.
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