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Old 08-25-2020, 12:34 AM
Spikeball Spikeball is offline
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Question MP Encumbrance action penalty

The way I read the rules: Most characters have a Dex that gives 3 actions. The encumbrance rules put most characters into Medium encumbrance(Which is quite appropriate for a military combat load). Medium encumbrance removes two actions. This gives an expected 1 action.
So why do the combatants in the combat example get 3 and 4 actions instead of 1 and 2?
For that matter all the sample characters have the DEX granted actions listed without any encumbrance penalties lowering them.

Am I missing something? Or are the examples provided including too many actions?
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Old 08-25-2020, 03:02 PM
mmartin798 mmartin798 is offline
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In the example (4th edition) the sniper is only shown to have his rifle, so he is carrying minimal gear. Dave is only shown in the example to have his pistol and radio. As they both do not seem to have a full combat load on them, they have more actions to use. In games I have run, it is also the case where my players only carry the minimum amount of gear they think they need, sometimes to their peril.
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Old 10-03-2022, 02:59 PM
SlapBack556 SlapBack556 is offline
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I'm finding the encumbrance a little worrying.
in order to get under that 12kgs (average person's unencumbered status)
One is almost relegated to running the wasteland in basic issued clothing:
Basics: Clothes, Resistweave, armor:
Coveralls 1.7
PASGT: 5.7 (vest and helmet, 'cause, you know, it's dangerous out there!)
Boots: 1.5
Set of underwear .2 (nothing like blisters on your feet or that horrible chaffing to encourage wearing of undergarments)
BDUs? They donít mention them in the rule book. Estimate 2kgs

This is 11.1 kgs.
Add your empty webgear 1kg, and you're over.

So let's take the average person (on an above average mission) at 22 STR,
Add Clothes (and armor), and the full basic kit. 26.7kgs
You are now at a negative on actions and endurance.
Now most of you may feel safe with only that MP issued survival knife, but others may opt for a firearm. Add one of the weapon packs at an average of about 20kg.
46.7kgs in 1.3kgs, you'll be heavily encumbered and a -2 to actions and endurance. Giving you, Mr Average, 1 action. You can't even aim your weapon before you shoot. You sir, are almost combat ineffective.

Nice PMs may want to allow clothing (outer wear, underwear, MP overalls, boots) to be worn with no penalty. Maybe even discount or halve the effective weights on armor and web gear items for former service member player characters. Because odds are, they wore that stuff day in and day out for years and are quite used to wearing it in difficult conditions.

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