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Old 10-01-2022, 07:21 PM
nduffy nduffy is offline
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Default The rest of the world

So in a nuclear exchange, the northern hemisphere would be involved in the exchange. China, Europe, Russia, US and Canada, also Great Britain, possibly India and Pakistan. South Africa perhaps and I see the Middle East trading shots with Israel. But what about the rest of the world. Nuclear winter would have its toll, but there would possibly be large portions of Africa, South America and a lot of islands and island nations that would be left untouched. They would suffer initially but would be quick to recover and reset.
Anyone have any thought or ideas on this?
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Old 10-06-2022, 04:45 AM
Gelrir Gelrir is offline
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For our "Classic Era" campaign, strategic and resource sites that the "other side" might have access to after a nuclear war were also targets of nuclear strikes. Besides the places you mentioned (India and Pakistan, South Africa), there might be:

South America
  • refineries and oil ports in Venezuela
  • oil refineries in Argentina (e.g., Bahia Blanca and Buenos Aires)

Middle East
  • Egypt, Israel, Iran, Iraq, the Persian Gulf

Sub-Saharan Africa
  • oil production sites mostly in and around Nigeria
  • American VLF stations and VOA transmitters (e.g., Liberia)

  • South Korea, Taiwan, Okinawa, Thailand and Japan are major U.S. allies, thus targets. There are also U.S. bases and VLF or VOA transmitters in some of those nations.

  • Philippines (major U.S. ally, with U.S. air and naval bases)
  • New Zealand (mostly military, naval and power generation targets)
  • Australia (ports and shipyards, military and naval bases, the Snowy River dam system, a couple of VLF strategic comm stations, and Canberra)

Michael B.
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Old 10-07-2022, 02:14 PM
Andrew Andrew is offline
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Hi! The original Morrow Project was very Americentric and had a target hit list and stated that a computer error ensured that we shot first thus were likely to have killed our targets with more efficiency than we received. I think somewhere in canon it mentioned that other nuke owners expended their devices on their enemies. Quite the disaster for the N. hemisphere to be sure. In the 80’s the sites Gelrir noted may be likely if it was meant to be a winnable war but I saw the impression that it was meant to be total war thus infrastructure was not as targeted as much as military and leadership sites. A spot that almost screams for a nuke or three then and even more now is Guam, you may have counted that as America, also the rest of the world is likely to suffer to a high degree if the northern nations suddenly stopped their aid programs, starvation, disease, etc..
I think the nukes will be a massive disaster in themselves but the follow up will probably kill more.
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Old 11-05-2022, 02:10 AM
Gelrir Gelrir is offline
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Good points, nduffy. Our international target llists were done in service of our campaign, and would get more detailed if characters were likely to travel to particular areas, or hear radio transmissions. So far, Central and South America have been the only areas outside of North American likely to be visited.

They've had contact with people from Liberia and eastern Turkey, though.

Our beginning resource was Robert O’Connor's excellent "North American Target List", which doesn't cover overseas possessions and territories of the United States -- not even Puerto Rico.

I'm sure Guam gets at least two strikes, on the naval base and the airbase.

Michael B.
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