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Default Sneak Peek

TR 04-16-2004, 12:35 PM For everyone that was wondering just what I'm doing with the Civgov information from the Howling Wilderness supplement here you go. This is your sneak peek into what is currently an on going project of mine to put together a whole bunch of information I have done in the past on Civgov but never posted.

It is not complete yet and when done it will house some exsisting info from my page and some you've never seen before. So that means you may see things here that do not mesh with the official history, that's kind of the point.

Here you go though...


Civilian Government


Additional Names: Civ Gov (Also Spelled CIVGOV)

President: John Broward (Former Senator)

Terms: Currently in 2nd Term

Vice President:

Current Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska

Total State Coverage: 8 (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio & Vermont)

Isolated State Coverage: 7 (Maryland, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virgiana, West Virgiana)


The State of the Union

Civgov in 2002


Things began to gradually turn for the better with the implementation of Project: Marconi which was institued on February 21st, 2001. The idea was a suggestion by the President Wife, Julie Ann Broward who had been a former radio talk show host and radio engineer. Once instituted each of the 8 states Civgov controlled began looking for AM & FM transmission facilities to use as a springboard for creating a network of radio facilities across the United States....


Military Units Of CIVGOV:

An Addendum To Howling Wilderness-

The whole point to this list is the simple fact that under the original provisions for CIVGOV they wouldn't have stood a chance against MILGOV in a fight. They were so weak a bunch of street thugs could have deposed them in most areas, now-with some fictional units, some re-activated units and some national guard/reserve units they have a much bigger sway in events. Although they may not have a great deal of combat units, with their medical, psychological, and civil affairs units they can sway the populace over to their side in may areas...

Thus enabling them to form new units should a war break out between the two governments. There have been major changes made to the organizational structure, including the addition of new Military Regions which fall under their control. Additionally I have also made changes to the postings of such units-for instance I found it incredibly hard to believe that MILGOV would give up Fort Bragg. Housed there would be the training cadres for the Special Forces and DELTA Force-they'd never give them up to CIVGOV without a fight.

I Military Region:

Current Location: Midwestern United States (Ohio)

Xavier University Site (with remnants from Camp Perry)

Pre - War Information: Xavier University

Founded in 1831, Xavier University is a private university which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Xavier offers a liberal arts education in the Catholic, Jesuit tradition. The University is the third-largest institution in Ohio, as well as being the sixth-oldest Catholic university in the nation, and one of only 28 Jesuit colleges and universities across the United States...

Pre - War Information: Camp Perry

Camp Perry Military Reservation is a 640-acre training center located on the shores of Lake Erie, near Port Clinton, Ohio. Camp Perry Training Site, located along the western shoreline of Lake Erie, provides traditional and automated small arms rifle and pistol ranges for Ohio Army National Guard soldier training; Camp Perry personnel also operate and support small arms ranges located at Camp Sherman near Chillicothe. Camp Perry has the largest and best-equipped rifle and pistol ranges in the United States. Civilian rifle teams and nonmilitary agencies also use it.

This National Guard training facility located 80 miles west of Cleveland on the shores of Lake Erie. Camp Perry provides training facilities for units of the Ohio National Guard as well as lodging facilities for visitors to Ohio's Northern Shores.


Detachment 1, 2nd Psychological Operations Group

The 2nd Psychological Operations Group (Airborne), is an US Army Reserve Component of Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command. When the unit is recalled to active duty the 2nd POG augments the 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) in deploying anywhere in the world on short notice. Their operations would traditionally include the planning, development, and carrying out Civil Affairs and Psychological operations.. The 2nd Psychological Operations Group was originally constituted on 29 October 1965. It activated on 20 December 1965 at Fort Bragg, NC. It was later inactivated there on 13 September 1972. The unit was redesignated on 30 October 1975 as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 2nd Psychological Operations Group, it was concurrently part of the Army Reserve, and activated at Parma, OH. Reorganized, it was redesignated on 18 September 1990 as the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Psychological Operations Group.

When the war broke out the 2nd Psychological Operations Group was slated to be deployed with the 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) when they deployed. However the order was given for 2nd POG to remain currently in Ohio to assist a training detachment who would be developing a new Psychological Operations Group who would be deployed with the 4th Psychological Operations Group. There were plans for the 2nd Psychological Operations Group to head up a new Group which would be deployed ultimately to the Middle East to assist in operations in the area. However the 2nd POG was slated to be deployed on November 28th, 1997. With the nuclear exchange however this ended such ideas and the 2nd POG was forced to fend for themselves and their families. When Civgov assembled it's expeditionary unit into Ohio the 2nd Psychological Operations Group was reconstituted in a smaller form than it's pre-war days but they are currently assisting Civgov in their operations. The unit has been redeployed from Parma to Camp Perry, however the 2nd is often travelling a great deal so they can be found traversing the state. The 2nd currently is supporting Project: Marconi and as such they are currently working to bring several radio stations back onto the air waves (including Xavier University's WVXU amongst others).

Suboordination: I Military Region

Current Locatin: Camp Perry, Xavier University and elsewhere in the state

Manpower: 23

Tanks: 2 Chevy M-1009 CUCV, 1 Toyota Land Cruiser FFR


Civlian Government Small Arms Projects

CGSAT - 02

CGSAT stands for Civilian Government Small Arms Test, the fledgling government is faced with trying to supply the need of their troops with small arms. Without the conventional Small Arms production facilities that Milgov controls they are faced to fend for themselves...


Ed the Coastie 04-17-2004, 10:40 PM Cool...I like it.

I guess this means that CivGov has established some level of control in the Cincinnati area. THAT should make for some interesting adventuring...

Few people other than residents realize that Cincinnati is built on a series of hills; most locals (as opposed to mere residents) have either forgotten or don't mention that those hills are almost literally honeycombed with tunnels. Some of the tunnels date all the way back the days of the Underground Railroad (in which Cincinnati played an important role), while others were established and used by moonshiners during Prohibition. More recent are the Cold War-era Civil Defense shelters and the abandoned Cincinnati subway tunnels.

Yeah...I can see possibilities already...

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