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Old 01-21-2010, 11:30 PM
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Default Sea-Lord of Jacksonville part 2

Continues from Part 1

Blackrider 10-23-2005, 12:40 AM sea-lord of Jacksonville (Pt. 1)


i know i promised this a while ago but rl kinda got me busy


Jacksonville FL. pre-war pop: 678,345 (est. 1990 census)

post-war pop.: 40,000 (est.)

Jacksonville was the fastest growing city in the state of Florida prior to the war. was a major industrial and transportation hub as well. home to the Mayport Naval base, 2 Naval air stations, and, more importantly, the Drummond fuel depot, and Blount Island Marine supply depot.

When the nuclear exchange began in 1997, the city government was unprepared. Even though the warhead targeting the city missed by a mile (literally!!) detonating of shore, the resulting EMP caused the collapse of the civilian communications and the power grid. the following unrest caused the city government to collapse.

the highest ranking Naval officer at Mayport Naval Base, Admiral Franklin Blanton, took charge of the area around the the Base, the Air Stations, and the Fuel Depot., using what Marine and Naval personal he could spare. The streets of most of Jacksonville had become a war zone, with different groups and gangs trying to survive. it took the Adm. Blanton's forces 6 months of hard fighting to clear secure land routes to all his forces holdings. the Admrial's forces were joined by the remanents of the Jacksonville Police Dept., strenghtening his forces and increasing his credability as the defacto government in the city.

the methods Adm. Blanton used to expand the area of his control were brutal. He would order the destruction of how neigbhorhoods of there was any resistence to his forces moving in. he was added in this with the possession of 8 UH-60 Blackhawks and artillery from the Marine Depot. he also had at his command the DD 661 USS S. Mallory (a former museum ship, federalized and refitted just before the exchange and the Endurance class Cutter WHEC 716 Dallas this ships gave off shore fire support to the Admirals forces.

Just before the break between Civgov and Milgov, Adm. Blanton openly refused requests to ship any of his fuel supplies to other areas of the US. after the Break, He openly declared the indenpence of his command from the two governments. Soon after his declaration, members of his command staff attempted to stage a coup, to replace him and declare for the Milgov. Blanton Declared the men mutineers and had the coup put down in his now usual bloody fashion.

The Civgov forces in the area, 108th Inf. Div. began staging attacks along the western limits of the Admiral's control. these attacks have done little but weaken both forces slowly over time. it was the 108th's commander that began calling Admiral Blanton "The Sea-Lord of Jacksonville"

As time a has passed Blanton, has slowly come to think of himself and a modern version of a fuedal warlord, and no long considers himself to be a American Naval Officer, slowly becoming more autocratic in his command, rulling what he considers to be "his" city.

Forces of the Sea-Lord

The Ground forces:

the Sea-lord has had the remains of the marine forces from the 3 naval air starions, the fuel depot and the marine depot along with whats left of the Jacksonville PD into a force of 2 battalions of 500 men that make up 4 companies in each battalion. with each of these battalions are what armored vehicles that could be scavanged. currently (july 2001) the number and types are: 8xLAV-25,4xAAVP-9, 3xM750 ACs, 5 Peacemakers, 3 LAV-PIVAD, 4 M106 Mortar carriers and 4 MPGS-90s, used as a tank company, in each of the battalions. each of the battlions as well has a mixed battery of 2 towed 155mm how. and 4 towed 105mm how. these battalions are this are his most loyal and best equiped of his units.

he has also formed 3 more battalions from conscripts, this units have the same number of personal but no armored vehicles amd only have 2 batteries of 81mm mortars.


the only planes that the Sea lord has left are what remains of the ones at the 2 naval air stations and consists of:

3 UH-60 blackhawks (100 men)

1 OH-58 Kiowas (25 men)

2 C-23 tranpsorts (50 men)

the also have 2 F/A-18s, 3 S-3 Vikings, a P-3 orion, and a C-130 sitting in hangers due to lack of spare parts. most of the operational aircraft sit in hangers as well to conserve fuel and prevent wear and tare on the engines.

(the naval force ill post tomorrow night)


TiggerCCW UK 10-23-2005, 03:26 AM Looking good so far - keep it coming!


Targan 10-23-2005, 04:49 AM Great work, Blackrider, whatever info you post about this I will use in my campaign. It looks good to me so far!


abaumgartg 10-23-2005, 09:57 AM I like this, well done :handclap:

I am curious how you are planning on handling conflicts/tensions with New America. Jacksonville and St. Petersburg are far enough apart they probably won't be at outright war, but close enough to be a real pain. :blueflag:


thefusilier 10-29-2005, 07:56 AM Very well done. At last some great material for the Sealord. Thanks. :handclap:


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