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Default My Tenative OOB for Merc and Twilight....

Abbott Shaull

My Tenative OOB for Merc and Twilight....
Okay after spending several weeks re-doing my Merc/Twilight2000 US Army OOB for game set in the future. Haven't really played in the T2K setting since before the I was in the Army. After the fall of the wall I have always moved it ahead. Now it around 2015...

Well anyway here is the US Army OOB for my current verision of T2K or can be used readily for a Merc type game in 2008.


Abbott Shaull

Various Notes....
Each Brigade and Division have HQ and HHC/T/B

Each Brigade assigned to Division has a Combat Support Battalion

Forward Support are numbered 100, 200, 300, 400, and so on series for ID, and XX Series for Cavalry and Armored. IE 3rd Division has 103rd, 203rd, 303rd, 403rd, 603rd, 703rd. 1st Cavalry has 1,2,3,4,6,7th. 1st Armored has 11th,12th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th.

Combat Support Battalion(Brigade)*
# Platoon/Div # MP Company
# Company/Div # MI
# Platoon/Div # Chemical Company
# Company/Div # Signal
Also these Battalions have 1 Troop of Division Cav Squadron attached which is oranized as Cavalry Troop or Air Cavalry Troop depending on the Brigade it is attach too.

*These are numbered by Infantry Divisions, Armored Division get 200 series and Cavalry 300.
1st Combat Support Battalion(3rd Division)
1st Platoon/3rd MP Company
A Company/3rd MI
1st Platoon/3rd Chemical Company
A Company/3rd Signal

2nd Combat Support Battalion(1st Armored)
2nd Platoon/201st MP Company
B Company/201st MI
2nd Platoon /201st Chemical Company
A Company/201st Signal

3rd Combat Support Battalion(1st Cavalry)
3rd Platoon/301st MP Company
C Company/301st MI
3rd Platoon/301st Chemical Company
C Company/301st Signal

Main Support
Div # Engineer Group(HQ, A and B Company)
Div # MI Group(HQ, E Company)
Div # Signal Group(HQ, E Company)
Div # Chemical Company(HQ, 5th and 6th Platoons)
Div # MP Company(HQ, 5th and 6th Platoons
Cavalry Squadron(Divisional)(HQ, E Troop)
Field Artilery Battalion(DivArty)

The Engineer Group, MI Group, Signal Group, Chemical Company, MP Company, and Cavalry Squadron act as HQs and parent organization to those found in each of the Divisions Combat Support Battalion and organized accordingly.

703rd Main Support
3-7th Cavalry(Divisional)
1-39th Field Artillery(DivArty)

Abbott Shaull

Misc base Brigade and Battalion/Squadron organizations.
Cav Squadron(Divisional)*
5 Cavalry Troops(Mixture of standard Cav Troops or Air Cav depending on the Division/Brigade function.)
* Heavy Divisions have 5 Division Cavalry Troops, Light have 5 Troops in Armroed HMMWVs, 2nd ID has a mixture of 3 Divisional Cavalry Troops and 2 Light Cavalry Troops

Cav Squadron(Cavalry Brigade)
2 Cavalry Troops
2 Light Motorized Troops

Heavy Motorized Infantry Battalion
1 Assault Gun Infantry Company
2 Heavy Motorized Infantry Companies
1 Light Motorized Infantry Company

Cav(Assault Gun) Squadron
2 Assault Gun Troops
1 Heavy Motorized Infantry Troop
1 Light Motorized Infantry Troop

Motorized Battalion
1 Assault Gun Infantry Company
1 Heavy Motorized Infantry Company
2 Light Infantry company

Light Motorized Battalions
3 Light Motorized Companies
1 Fast Attack Company

Light Attack Battalion
1 Light Motorized Company
3 Fast Attack Companies

Field Artillery Battalion
1 TA
2 Fire Batteries(HQ,1,2)
1 Rocket Battery(HQ,1,2)
1 ADA Battery(HQ,1G,2G,3M,4M)

Armored Cavalry Squadron
3 Armored Cavalry Troops
1 Armored Troop
1 Air Cavalry Troop
1 Field Artillery Battery
1 Engineer Troop

Cavalry Squadron
2 Armored Cavalry Troops
2 Light Motorized Troops

Abbott Shaull

Start of OOB for US Army 2008
US Army OOB:2008(Merc:2000 or updated Twilight)(Units of Actions)

1st Cavalry Division
1st Brigade(Armored)
1-12th Cav(Armored)
3-12th Cav(Armored)
2-5th Cav(Mechanized)
1-82nd Field Artillery
8th Engineer
2nd Brigade(Cavalry)
2-12th Cav(Armored)
1-8th Cav
1-5th Cav(Mechanized)
2-82nd Field Artillery
20th Engineer
3rd Brigade(Mechanized)
4-12th Cav(Armored)
3-5th Cav(Mechanized)
1-9th Cav(Light Motorized)
3-82nd Field Artillery
91st Engineer
4th Brigade(Cavalry)
5-12th Cav(Armored)
2-8th Cav
4-5th Cav(Mechanized)
4-82nd Field Artillery(Formerly 1-68th ADA)
U/I Engineer
1st Cavalry Aviation Brigade
1-227th Aviation(Attack)
2-227th Aviation(Attack)
3-227th Aviaition(General)
1-7th Cav(Divisional)
1-27th Field Artillery(DivArty)

1st Armored Division(Germany/Fort Polk)
1st Brigade(Armored)
1-13th Armored
1-37th Armored
1-6th Mechanized
1-1st Field Artillery
16th Engineer
2nd Brigade(Armored)
1-35th Armored
2-70th Armored
2-6th Mecahnized
2-1st Field Artillery
40th Engineer
3rd Brigade(Mechanized)
3-35th Armored
3-6th Mechanized
1-41st Light Motorized
3-1st Field Artillery
70th Engineer
4th Brigade(Cavalry)
3-77th Armored
1-54th Mechanized
3-8th Cav
4-1st Field Artillery(Formerly 1-4th ADA)
17th Engineer
1st Armored Aviation Brigade
1-501st Aviation(Attack)
2-501st Aviation(Attack)
3-501st Aviation(General)
2-7th Cav(Divisional)
1-94th Field Artillery(DivArty)

1st Mechanized Division(Germany/Fort Riley)
1st Brigade(Armored)
1-34th Armored
2-34th Armored
1-16th Mechanized
1-5th Field Artillery
1st Engineer
2nd Brigade(Mechanized)
1-77th Armored
1-18th Mechanized
1-26th Light Motorized
5-41st Field Artillery
9th Engineer
3rd Brigade(Cavalry)
4-8th Cav
2-2nd Mechanized
1-63rd Armored
1-6th Field Artillery
82nd Engineer
4th Brigade(Mechanized)
4-6th Mechanized
2-41st Light Motorized
2-67th Armored
1-3rd Field Artillery(Formerly 2-67th ADA)
207th Engineer
1st Aviation Brigade
1-1st Aviation(Attack)
2-1st Aviation(Attack)
3-1st Aviation(General)
2-4h Cav(Divisional)
1-33rd Artillery(DivArty)

Abbott Shaull

2nd Infantry Division
1st Brigade(Armored)
1-72nd Armored
2-72nd Armored
1-5th Mechanized
1-15th Field Artillery
2nd Engineer
2nd Brigade(Air Cavalry Assault)
1-503rd Parachute Infantry(Air Assault)
1-506th Parachute Infantry(Air Assault)
1-6th Air Cavalry
2-6th Air Cavalry
8-8th Field Artillery
2nd Engineer Company
3rd Brigade(Stryker)
5-20th Heavy Motorized
1-10th Cav(Assault Gun Infantry)
3-41st Motorized
1-4th Field Artillery
44th Engineer
4th Brigade(Cavalry)
1-33rd Armored
2-1st Cav
2-18th Mechanized
2-3rd Field Artillery(formerly 5-5 ADA)
168th Engineer
2nd Aviation Brigade
1-2nd Aviation(Attack)
2-2nd Aviation(Attack)
3-2nd Aviation(General)
4-7th Cav(Divisional)
1-26th Field Artillery(DivArty)

3rd Mechanized Division
1st Brigade(Mechanized)
2-7th Mechanized
3-69th Armored
2-30th Light Motorized
1-41st Field Artillery
11th Engineer
2nd Brigade(Armored)
3-15th Mechanized
1-64th Armored
1-40th Armored
1-9th Field Artillery
10th Engineer
3rd Brigade(Mechanized)(Fort Benning)
1-5th Mechanized
1-30th Light Motorized
2-69th Armored
1-10th Field Artillery
317th Engineer
4th Brigade(Cavalry)
3-7th Mechanized
4-64th Armored
3-1st Cavalry
1-76th Field Artillery(1-3rd ADA reorganized)
7th Engineer
3rd Aviation Brigade
1-3rd Aviation(Attack)
2-3rd Aviation(Attack)
3-3rd Aviation(General)
3-7th Cavalry(Divisional)
1-39th Field Artillery(DivArty)

4th Mechanized Division
1st Brigade(Armored)
1-66th Armored
3-66th Armored
1-22nd Mechanized
4-32nd Field Artillery
299th Engineer
2nd Brigade(Cavalry)
1-67th Armored
1-1st Cav
2-8th Mechanized
3-16th Field Artillery
588th Engineer
3rd Brigade(Mechanized)
1-68th Armored
1-8th Mechanized
1-12th Motorized
3-29th Field Artillery
4th Engineer
4th Brigade(Mechanized)
3-67th Armored
2-12th Motorized
3-8th Mechanized
1-19th Field Artillery(Formerly 1-44 ADA)
46th Engineer
4th Aviation Brigade
1-4th Aviation(Attack)
2-4th Aviation(Attack)
3-4th Aviation(Attack)
1-4th Cav(Divisional)
2-20th Field Artillery(DivArty)

Abbott Shaull

10th Mountain Division(Fort Drum/Fort Richardson/Fort Wainwright)
1st Brigade(Mountain)
1-9th Infantry
1-87th Infantry
1-27th Infantry
3-6th Field Artillery
A Co/41st Engineer
2nd Brigade(Mountain)
2-14th Infantry
4-9th Infantry
2-87th Infantry
1-7th Field Artillery
B Co/41st Engineer
3rd Brigade(Aka 172nd Artic Infantry Brigade)
1-17th Infantry
1-501st Parchute Infantry
2-32nd Infantry
4-11th Field Artillery
C Co/41st Engineer
4th Brigade(Stryker)
1-1st Heavy Motorized
2-10th Cav(Assault Gun)
1-60th Motorized
1-29th Field Artillery
15th Engineer
10th Aviation Brigade
1-10th Aviation(Attack)
2-10th Aviation(Attack)
3-10th Aviation(General)
2-73rd Light Armored
3-17th Cav(Divisional Air)
HQ with Delta and Echo Company/41st Engineer
2-29th Field Artillery(DivArty)

25th Infantry Division(Hawaii/Fort Ord)
1st Brigade
3-87th Infantry
1-24th Infantry
3-21st Infantry
2-8th Field Artillery
A Co/65th Engineer
2nd Brigade
1-14th Infantry
1-21st Infantry
1-17th Infantry
2-11 Field Artillery
B Co/65th Engineer
3rd Brigade
2-17th Infantry
2-27th Infantry
3-9th Infantry
3-7th Field Artillery
C Co/65th Engineer
4th Brigade
2-1st Heavy Motorized
3-10th Cav(Assault Gun)
2-60th Motorized
3-29th Field Artillery
92nd Engineer
25th Aviation Brigade
1-25th Aviation(Attack)
2-25th Aviation(Attack)
3-25th Aviation(General)

1-73rd Light Armored
4-17th Cav(Divisional Air)
4-29th Field Artillery(DivArty)
65th Engineer(HQ with D and E Companies)

82nd Airborne Division
1st Brigade(504th Regiment)
1-504th Parachute Infantry
2-504th Parachute infantry
3-504th Parachute Infantry
1-319th Airborne Field Artillery
A Co/307th Engineer Company
2nd Brigade(325th Regiment)
1-325th Airborne Infantry
2-325th Airborne Infantry
3-325th Airborne Infantry
2-319th Airborne Field Artillery
B Co/307th Engineer Company
3rd Brigade(505th Regiment)
1-505th Parachute Infantry
2-505th Parachute Infantry
3-505th Parachute Infantry
3-319th Airborne Field Artillery
C Co/307th Engineer Company
4th Brigade(Stryker)
3-1st Heavy Motorized
3-14th Cav(Assault Gun)
3-60th Motorized
5-29th Field Artillery(Formerly 3-4th ADA)
13th Engineer
82nd Aviation Brigade
1-82nd Aviation(Attack)
2-82nd Aviation(Attack)
3-82nd Aviation(General)
3-73rd Light Armored
1-17th Cav(Divisional Air)
5-319th Airborne Field Artillery(DivArty)
307th Engineer Battalion(HQ with D and E Companies)

Abbott Shaull

101st Air Assault Division
1st Brigade(327th Regiment)
1-327th Airborne Infantry
2-327th Airborne Infantry
3-327th Airborne Infantry
1-320th Airborne Field Artillery
A Co/326th Engineer
1-101st Aviation(Attack)
6-101st Aviation(General Assault)
2nd Brigade(502nd Regiment)
1-502nd Parachute Infantry
2-502nd Parachute Infantry
3-502nd Parachute Infantry
2-320th Airborne Field Artillery
B Co/326th Engineer
2-101st Aviation(Attack)
7-101st Aviation(General Assault)
3rd Brigade((187th Regiment)
1-187th Airborne Infantry
2-187th Airborne Infantry
3-187th Airborne Infantry
3-320th Airborne Field Artillery
C Co/326th Engineer
3-101st Aviation(Attack)
8-101st Aviation(General Assault)
4th Brigade(Air Cavalry Assault)
2-506th Parachute Infantry
2-501st Parachute Infantry
3-6th Air Cavalry
4-6th Air Cavalry
4-320th Airborne Field Artillery(Formerly 2-44th ADA)
D Co/326th Engineer
101st Aviation Brigade
5-101st Aviation(Attack)
6-101st Aviation(Attack)
9-101st Aviation(General Assault)
10-101st Aviation (Heavy Assault)
11-101st Aviation(Heavy Assault)
3-74th Light Armored
2-17th Cav(Divisional Air)
5th-320th Field Artillery(DivArty)
326th Engineer(HQ with E and F Companies)

2nd Light Armored Cavalry Regiment(Fort Polk)(uses LAVs and Stingrays)
1-2nd Armored Cavalry
2-2nd Armored Cavalry
3-2nd Armored Cavalry
2nd MI Company
2nd Chemical Company

3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment(Fort Bliss)
1-3rd Armored Cavalry
2-3rd Armored Cavalry
3-3rd Armored Cavalry
3rd MI Company
3rd Chemical Company

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment(Fort Irwin)
1-11th Armored Cavalry
2-11th Armored Cavalry
3-11th Armored Cavalry
11th MI Company
11th Chemical Company

173rd Airborne Brigade
1-508th Parachute Infantry
2-503rd Parachute Infantry
1-511th Parachute Infantry
4-319th Airborne Field Artillery
173rd Airborne Engineer Company
173rd Chemical Company
173rd MI Company
173rd MP Company

174th Airborne Brigade
1-507th Parachute Infantry
2-508th Parachute Infantry
2-511th Parachute Infantry
6-319th Airborne Field Artillery
174th Airborne Engineer Company
174th Chemical Company
174th MI Company
174th MP Company

193rd Stryker Brigade*
1-4th Heavy Motorized
1-14th Cav(Assault Gun)
1-11th Motorized
1-30th Field Artillery
193rd Engineer
193rd Chemical Company
193rd MI Company
193rd MP Company

194th Stryker Brigade*
2-4th Heavy Motorized
2-14th Cav(Assault gun)
3-11th Motorized
2-30th Field Artillery
194th Engineer
194th Chemical Company
194th MI Company
194th MP Company

197th Light Attack Brigade*
1-10th Light Attack
2-10th Light Attack
2-11th Motorized
4-30th Field Artillery
194th Engineer Company
197th Chemical Company
197th MI Company
197th MP Company

199th Heavy Motorized Brigade*
1-74th Light Armored
1-74th Light Armored
3-4th Heavy Motorized
3-30th Field Artillery
197th Engineer
199th Chemical Company
199th MI Company
199th MP Company
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