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Default miami (long)


miami (long)


this is just a brief outline of the background, i know not all will like it but thats life

Sunshine Coast under Siege
Miami: Twilght: 2000

After 4 years of war, a nuclear strike in nearby Homestead, FL., and being under siege from the Seminole Nation, the once filled city of Miami now only has a population of 70,000 living inside its city limits, and that number is slowly dropping.

When the nearby Homestead Air Force base was struck on thanksgiving day in 1997, the city of Miami was the scene of rioting and looting, caused by the understand belief that they were next to be hit. It was the Herculean efforts of the mayor Tim Owens and police commissioner, Lewis de Olmos, they were bring the city under control, but if it wasn’t for the arrival of the 551st Airborne Regiment even they couldn’t have help the city together. The commander of the 551st, Col. Mathew Chambers, used his men to attempt to slowly eradicate the street gangs that had gained so much of the city during the rioting.

Luckily, the expected nuke strike on Miami never occurred, and the city began to make some sort of recovery. The solid waste power plant, built by the same company that built the two plants in St. Petersburg, was brought online and some power was restored, but then a second disaster struck, in the form of the Seminole Nation suddenly rising up and attacking all white civilian communities in southern Florida. The Seminole hit the outskirts of the city like a wave of locust, killing all they found, but fortunately they also found the elements of the 551st, in dug in positions and returned the Indians slaughter with one of their own. The soldiers drove the Indians back but suffered high casualties. Now the remainder of the 551st ad the city militia, formed from the remains of the MPD, and volunteers numbering a total of 2,000, hold the line on the borders, but they may not be able to hold out for long.

The city is slowly starving; add into the mix the rampant diseases running thru the surviving population. The future of the city looks grim. Another blow to the unstable state of the city was the assassination of most of the city council by New American Agents when they broke into one of the council meetings shooting all they could find. Their plan had been to assassinate the Mayor and the Police Commissioner, have the Seminole blamed for the attack, and have one of their cell’s members, the then deputy mayor, step in and take control of the city for the NA. What they hadn’t counted on was the Commissioner, having uncovered two NA agents in the police and was informing Mayor Owens of it when the attack occurred. Commissioner de Olmos returned fire and killed three of the assassins before help arrived.

De Olmos is now acting mayor till the next election, none know when that will be but none of his opponents have said anything publicly yet. He has however; put new efforts into getting as many fishing boats operational as possible to help feed the city’s starving population. He has also held meetings with Col. Chambers to organize strikes into Seminole territory to make them bleed and raid their food supplies, hurting them where it counts. These raids do more then hurt the Seminoles, it gives the civilians hope that they might survive.
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Everyone's own imagination can do what they want with "their" Tw2000 but I had 2 questions.

Homestead wasn't listed in the book as hit. Any reason to change this?

Where did the 551st Airborne Regiment come from? What is their story?

Good work though, I always enjoy other people's source material.
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This is generally good. I have a couple of questions though:
1. Are there any resources that this city could in its present state have to trade with any other political entitites nearby it?
2. What about the Sealord of Jacksonville? How do they figure him into their future?

Anyway, it is a good fleshing out of this area, so I encourage you to keep up your development of Florida!
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