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Old 03-15-2010, 02:30 AM
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Default Israeli ORBAT


Israeli ORBAT


Here we go with Israeli ARMY DIV/BDE ORBAT


36th Division (2,300men, 12 Merkava 1, 7 M60A3)
1st Bde
2nd Bde
401st Arm Bde

146th Division (3,100men, 9 Merkava 1, 4 Centurion Mk3/5)
3rd Bde
6th Bde
27th Arm Bde

240th Division (3,100men, 23 Merkava 4, 36 Merkava 3 Baz)
8th Arm Bde
19th Arm Bde
37th Arm Bde


85th Division (5,000men, 12 Merkava 3, 9 Merkava 2, 12 M60A3)
4th Bde
5th Bde
9th Arm Bde

91st Division (7,000men, 31 Merkava 3, 12 Merkava 2, 14 M60A1)
16th Bde
17th Bde
10th Arm Bde
45th Arm Bde

162nd Division (3,000men)
31st Para Bde
55th Para Bde
202nd Para Bde

880th Division (6,800men, 20 Merkava 4, 34 Merkava 3 Baz, 14 Magasch 7)
18th Bde
19th Bde
17th Arm Bde
188th Arm Bde


143rd Division (3,000men, 12 Merkava 3 Baz, 10 Merkava 1, 12 Magasch 7)
9th Bde
30th Bde
79th Arm Bde

252nd Division (4,000men, 27 Merkava 3, 9 Centurion Mk3/5)
79th Bde
211th Bde
20th Arm Bde

440th Division (3,000men, 35 Merkava 3 Baz, 14 Merkava 2, 7 Merkava 1)
70th Arm Bde
500th Arm Bde


35th Abn Bde (900men)
7th Arm Bde (800men, 13 Merkava 4, 5 Merkava 3)





I was just wondering about their strengths. I don't have RDF Sourcebook (if thats where you got the info) but why would their strength be so low if they never participated in any major fighting such as that in Europe. I read on this forum about them fighting the Syrians, and may have sent some units to RDF areas but I still wouldn't think that had the same impact of bringing down divisions to brigade strength.
The Fusilier



Well, according to the BYB the world population is down round 50% (not sure if this number is the number I use or the book say) so even if israel is more or less spared from war except syria, there would be a lack of medications, fuel etc to keep peaple healthy and alive. So I set a rate at 60% dead in israel, so what would you do with a lot of army units you would downstrength them to get a ratio "army population/all population" so the army could be feed ...

And the CENTCOM units is from the book, there I only changed that the 7th ARm Bde had 18 AFVs to the tanks they got according to me.

So a big country can have a higher ratio on a standing army army/other population then a small in my view.

But you are welcome with your input and view on the matter...

But I wasn't finnished on my Israeli post, it is just that school and the weekends convention sucks up time





Ok, that is exactly what reasoning I was asking about. I guess it would be pretty much like that. Would tank numbers be so small though? I know that fuel would be hard to come by, and while spare parts are a problem in many areas, Israel builds its own tanks so would it be difficult to keep a large number or their merkerva's operational? I'm not saying anything bad about your OOB at all, just wondering about some things.
Oh, and do you know anything about any conflict that may have happened with Syria or whomever in Twilight?
The Fusilier
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