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Old 05-19-2014, 07:14 PM
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Default 4th Edition Armor Values

MORROW PROJECT 4th Edition Armor Values
AV = Armor Value B = Ballistic NB = Non-Ballistic EX = Explosive
B/K = Ballistic/Kinetic B/SC = Ballistic/Shaped Charge
RHA = Rolled Homogeneous Armor ERA = Explosive Reactive Armor

I have included a few new terms and rules to cover Composite Armor. I have also put together a list with some basic AV for common materials. The 4th Edition rules use a straight progression system, so 10 cm of RHA Steel has a AV of 150 B and 300 NB. If you new the mass you could figure the explosive AV. I hope you find this useful in your games. I have also addressed what I felt was a short coming in the AV of the MARS One, Science One and H.A.A.M. Suit in 4th. Recon One is the Landmaster from Damnation Ally that I use in my games for special units.

Wood (Pine) 2.2 cm 1 B
Light Plastic 1.3 cm 1 B
Sandbags 1.3 cm 1 B
Heavy Plastic 0.7 cm 1 B
Fiberglass Plate 0.6 cm 8 B
Stone (Limestone) 1.5 cm 1 B
Concrete 1 cm 2 B
Polycarbonate Polymer* 1 cm 8 B
Aluminum Plate 0.6 cm 9 B
Mild Steel 1 cm 10 B
RHA Steel 1 cm 15 B
Titanium Plate 0.3 cm 17 B
Boron Carbide Ceramic 0.3 cm 21 B
Advanced Armor Ceramics 0.3 cm 35 B

Chobham & Other Composite Armors with ceramic tiles layered in between armored steel. It has two ballistic armor ratings, a B/K (Ballistic/Kinetic) which is used against AP, APDS, HEAP, SAP, APFSDS and similar rounds that use kinetic energy to penetrate armor. The second armor rating is B/SC (Ballistic/ Shaped Charge) and is the level that defends against HEAT, HESH, HEP and similar explosively formed penetrator rounds. B/SC is equal to B/K times 1.31, a 31% increase in protection for Chobham. Example: The front turret AV of a M1A2 Abrams Tank is 1,350 B/K & 1,770 B/SC with 2,700 NB & 540,000 EX.

There are of course other types of composite armor offering different levels of increased protection against B/SC (+15% to +35%).

*Lexan Plexiglas and similar bullet resistant transparent materials.

Primitive Armor Values
Skin 0 B 0 NB
Heavy Padded Cloth 0 B 3 NB
Soft Leather 0 B 3 NB
Light Plastic 1.3 cm 1 B 6 NB
Heavy Plastic 1.3 cm 2 B 12 NB
Hard Leather 2 B 13 NB
Mail (Steel 4-in-1)(10 kg) 3 B 12 NB
Steel Breast Plate 0.3 cm 4 B 14 NB
Steel Breast Plate 0.4 cm 5 B 15 NB

The 4th Edition version of the MARS One and Science One vehicles show them only having a Ballistic Armor Value of 80, which is equal to just over two inches of RHA steel. But it would be much more likely that a composite armor would be used, one that would include an inner self-sealing layer to keep the vehicle secure from chemical, biological and radiological threats if a penetration does happen.

MARS/Science/Recon One Composite Armor AV
Outer Layer 2 cm RHA Steel 30 B
1st Ceramic 1.5 cm Advanced Armor Ceramic 175 B
Shatter Plate 0.6 cm Titanium Shatter Plate 34 B
2nd Ceramic 1.5 cm Advanced Armor Ceramic 175 B
Self-Sealing Layer 0.4 cm Thick Sealing Compound 6 B
Inner Layer 1 cm RHA Steel 15 B

Originally MARS One (4th Edition) has a 80 B (5.33 cm/2.09 in RHA Steel) armor. The new Composite Armor Thickness: 7.0 cm (2.75 inches), an increase of 1.67 cm (2/3 in) but giving an increase in protection of over 5 times, and 7 times against HEAT rounds and shaped charges. NB is equal to two times B/K, if both B/K & B/SC are listed. Likewise, B/K x MASS x 4 = EX AV.

MARS/Science/Recon One
Original AV Composite AV
80 B 435 B/K
565 B/SC
160 NB 870 NB
28,800 EX 156,600 EX

The new composite armor means that nearly all light and most older medium anti tank weapons such as M72A2 LAWS rockets, Armburst 300, the M136 AT-4 (600 B), RPG-7, RPG-18, RPG-22, M20A1 Super Bazooka (3.5 in/90mm), most recoilless rifles 100mm or less bore diameters, RPG-2, and Panzerfaust 60/100 or smaller versions, plus Anti-Tank hand grenades will not penetrate the vehicles composite armor, most single autocannon rounds up to 50 mm range will likewise not penetrate, though cannon fire of 75mm and greater will most likely penetrate using armor piercing ammo.

H.A.A.M. Suit Composite Armor
In 4th Edition the Suit is listed as having a Ballistic Armor Value of 35, or 3 cm (1.18 in) of RHA Steel. But with 3.5 cm (1.38 in) of composite armor with self-sealing layer you get
Original AV Composite AV
35 B 230 B/K
310 B/SC
70 NB 460 NB
2,660 EX 18,400 EX [MASS: 20 (520 kg), STR 120]

Basic Formulas

B = B/K
B/K x Composite Multiplier (1.15 to 1.35) = B/SC
B/K x 2 = NB
B/K x MASS x 4 = EX
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I wanted to resurrect this as I wanted to discuss some short comings of the 3rd and 4th armor systems.

Additionally, I want to include a excel formula to automatically compute armor value with the following factors: type, depth, angle (slope).

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