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Old 12-12-2018, 01:10 PM
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Default U.S.Army CAPSTONE Alignments circa 1989

Though my expertise is the British Army, I recently delved into the U.S.Army in 1989.
Now the Army CAPSTONE program was started in 1979, to align RC units with wartime missions in Europe (NATO), Korea, and SW Asia, along with missions in CONUS & Theatre Defense. I found some interesting stuff recently in the minutes of some Defense Authorization Committees and State Adjutant General's reports, along with articles from various Army Branch magazines (Armor, Field Artillery, Etc)

26 ID European/NATO
29 ID(L) European/NATO, secondary SWA (not 100% confirmed yet on either)
34/47 ID Replaces 6 ID(L) if it goes to Korea, under I Corps, unknown secondary
35 ID (M) European/NATO
38 ID European/NATO
40 ID(M) Korea, secondary European/NATO or SWA
42 ID European/NATO
49 AD European/NATO
50 AD European/NATO

27 IB(L) RO 10 MtnD(L)
29 IB Corps mission (taken directly from Congressional Testimony)
30 IB(M) European/NATO (taken directly from Congressional Testimony)possibly AFSOUTH (Italy, Greece, Turkey)
30 AB European/NATO
31 AB European/NATO
32 IB(M) European/NATO (Reforger deployments)
33 IB unknown, suuposed to reinforce Inf School at Benning (mid 80's) but "Maneuver and Firepower" states five ARNG brigades were organized as "Rear Battle" brigades
39 IB unknown, but augmented 101 AbnD(AA) in mid 80's also, maybe Rear Battle brigade
41 IB I Corps Rear Battle brigade (taken directly from Congressional Testimony and a former Officer in the Bde)
45 IB III Corps Rear Battle brigade
53 IB Theatre Defense Reinforces 193 IB in Panama
73 IB Theatre Defense"non-NATO mission in Aleutian Islands" Ohio AG report
81 IB(M) RO 9 ID(Mtz)
92 IB Theatre Defense/SOUTHCOM Reserve
116 CB RO 4 ID(M)
155 AB RO 1 CD
163 AB Korea, secondary European/NATO
207 IG(S)Theatre Defense Alaska
218 IB(M) unknown
256 IB(M) RO 5 ID(M)
107 ACR European/NATO
278 ACR SWA, secondary European/NATO

157 IB(M) Unknown
187 IB Theatre Defense Iceland
205 IB(L) RO 6 ID(L)

I have also filed a FOI request and awaiting an answer.
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