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Old 02-13-2009, 11:40 AM
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Afternoon chaps,

A few suggestions / comments (sorry, slightly late to this thread)

1. The People Smuggler NPC Contact

An interesting character / contact for players might be a German criminal / black marketeer living along the border of the Dead Zone who makes a healthy living smuggling people/ items in to (and out of) France in exchange for payment (in the Year 2000 such payment is more likely to take the form of gold, jewelery, or barter goods rather than cash obviously). Such a character is likely to have connections with the DGSE, German BND, and perhaps American Intelligence (CIA or DIA). He (or she) would command a band of criminals / smugglers, some of whom may have had experience of crossing the Inner German Border (I think there is a German term called Grenzganger which originates in Cold War times, and refers to such people).

2. French interference in British affairs

Everything that Marc said to Catalonia could equally apply to parts of the British Isles that have declared their independence from the British Government. As I've mentioned before, in my T2K World I have an independent Scotland joining the Franco Belgian Union, with French troops and aircraft subsequently being stationed in Scotland; HMG are furious about this but realistically are unable to do anything (except vent their anger at the French Ambassador to the UK). Additionally, I'd imagine various DGSE cells active in the UK, some providing extremely covert support to various marauder groups, with the goal of keeping the UK Government too destabilised to interfere in French expansion plans.

3 Recovering the National Treasure seed, in this case The Honours of Scotland (basically a Scottish version of the Black Madonna)

The Honours of Scotland are also known as the Scottish Crown Jewels, and are normally kept in Edinburgh Castle. Any faction wishing to claim to be the legitimate Government of Scotland would have its cause boosted significantly if it possessed the Honours of Scotland

In this scenario, the Honours were removed from the Castle by a detachment of Scots Guards in the days immediately before the nuclear attack on the UK and hidden in a remote location somewhere in Scotland (my option is Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye, but they could just as easily be down a coal mine somewhere). The Guards were attacked by marauders on their way back to Government controlled territory, and most of those who knew the location of the hiding place were killed in the nuclear attack or the chaos that followed.

A survivor of the original Guards detachment has just been found, and the Scottish Government is launching a mission to recover the Honours.

However, an MI5 spy in the Scottish Government has alerted HMG, who are also sending a team to recover the Honours, as they feel that possessing them would enhance their claim that Scotland was still part of the UK.

Unknown to the Scots, the French also have the information, and have a DGSE team also looking for the Honours for their own purposes if an additional twist is required.

(If the GM wishes, with a few tweaks the Honours of Scotland can be replaced with the British Crown Jewels).
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