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Old 06-07-2009, 06:48 PM
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Default The Last Sub - what happens?

Hello all,
As background, I'm about to finish up a TW2000 1st edition game of the 'Lost Sub Trilogy'. The team has just left Narvik and are preparing for a long, cold walk across the ice (late March, early April 2001). After the attack, the team is going to return to Norfolk and then prepare for the move to New Jersey per the orders from MILGOV to abandon Norfolk and concentrate in Ft Dix per 'Howling Wilderness' (this will probably be mid April 2001).

Now, my thoughts are turning to what would happen to the 'Corpus Christi' and the other ships in Norfolk. Using the source material (including 'Rock in Troubled Waters'), current naval forces in Norfolk include the USS John Hancock, USS Mamley and USS Blandy. In addition, there would be the transport used to evacuate US forces from Europe in Operation Omega.

My thoughts are that the transports would be used for housing the available troops and would be moved to New Jersey along with the Hancock, Mamley and Blandy. The cost in fuel would be worth the quick move up the coast and ready made housing (unpowered ships will still keep out the elements). I'm toying with the idea that the Corpus Christi would be laid up and used to power the area with the reactor ala 'Satellite Down' but was curious on what other refs have done. Would MILGOV sacrifice the tactical value of a nuclear submarine (with only 14 crew members available) for the strategic value of powering the MILGOV encampment? It would give MILGOV a big step-up on CIVGOV. Thoughts?
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