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Old 12-11-2012, 01:34 PM
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Default privately owned Ferret Scout Cars

Saw this site when I was searching google for information on the Ferret Scout Car - and found that not only are there are lot of Ferrets in private hands but that they are very affordable - less than many cars


One piece of info in particular caught my eye there

"My Ferret has lived most of its "life" in Germany with the Royal Engineers. Coming back from the first Gulf War it was sold to the Belgian Company 'SABIEX' along with 250 other Ferrets of different marks. 'SABIEX' thought they could fix the cars up a bit and sell them to Africa - but no one was interested. So the Ferrets stayed in Belgium stored outdoors from 1993 to 2003 when I bought mine (some are still there). It looked bad and the bins and mudguards were badly rusted, but the car was original and untouched and technically sound. It took me two years to restore it, working on and off."

Great way for the French and the Belgians to get some armor to their forces quickly - a Ferret isnt much but its better than walking and very useful in places like Iraq and Senegal and other places their forces are being deployed into - let alone on patrol in Germany and Holland against partisans

also opens up another idea looking at where all these owners are - i.e. you are sent by MilGov in the US to clean up a local militia group that is causing trouble - and you find out once you run into them that they arent equipped with the usual beat up pickups or old jeeps but instead have a couple of nicely running and armed Ferrets that a local collector had and now are part of their forces

a very nasty surprise if you dont happen to have any anti-armor weapons on you

also could be used as a treasure - similar to the canon module Gateway to the Spanish Main where the guy had a M113 sitting in his garage and him dead in the front seat of it
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