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Old 01-05-2019, 05:52 PM
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Default RPG v FPS v ASL

Role Playing Game, First Person shooter (computer game) or Advanced Squad Leader (military tactical board game). Whats your preference, and why?

I love me some RPG. Cant do it in person, but the internet nowadays, gee whiz, its easy to get into a play by post game. The out of game discussions can get a bit long winded, but you don't need to follow all of it to contribute and enjoy a game. And games can fall apart if there's a few disruptive players who disagree with "the world", equipment or house rules or getting their own way. Having said that, i like the rules, house rules, story telling and die rolling.

My son just got Call of Duty 4 and we've been playing Blackout. Wowsers, I'm stunned! Ive been playing it more than him! I've never got into PC games but decided to spend some time with him on line. Now i'm playing Blackout without him! I've consistently been finishing top 15 and have got 3 x third positions. But, he's better and killing people than me. I'm a survivor. I can land in an unpopulated spot, get some basic gear and meds, skulk around, stay in front of the zone and reliably get to 10 or better without firing a shot. DOnt think this isn't fun, hearing people nearby, having cars and trucks almost drive over you, lurking in a house you can hear someone running through .... and not being discovered. I'm hooked. We've just started having him do the drop landing and gear up, then have me skulk through to top 15, then because he's good at shooting he can go for the win (none yet. Doh!).

Advanced squad leader. This might be my favourite. No arguing over if the distance is 38ms or 42ms and if its medium or long range? A harder rule set so less interpretation and argument from players. Playing on VASSAL means you can play against a real player live or by post. And you can still get your books out and figure out range, caliber, modifictions, die roll, and understand what your chances were to hit or kill and how close you came. I like this last point, sometimes in FPS it feels like you've been cheated (how did he see me? How did he him me first time? in the head?). I like in ASL you can know if the odds were in your favour or not, whereas in FPS it happens so quick and its hard to know if you gacked a die roll or he played well.

I think ASL is the best balance between a story (what was the chance of hitting or killing, what was the die roll - that tells a story) and game mechanics.

My preference is
1. ASL
2. FPS
3. RPG

And that order surprises me.
"Beep me if the apocolypse comes" - Buffy Sommers

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