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Old 08-04-2015, 04:06 AM
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Default THE CAMPAIGN - dark draws nigh

As the shadows draw long for the campaign and the raging against the dying of the light has begun I give you a small re cap to stand as a reminder should we ever venture into the violence plagued, rad storm polluted, famine stricken, cultist infested post apocalyptic slum empire that was the campaign again.

We leave the bedraggled party towards the end of the year 2020. Winter is coming and it looks to be harsh and long. The last one lasted 9 months.( it will not take 6 seasons like some other fantasy settings before it comes.) Whats more the PCs stand at the edge of a proverbial drop of a cliff as the city they live in becomes the scene of a violent civil war inside a civil war inside a world war inside the apocalypse.

The Painist cult attacks the Willis Co HQ and annihilates them in Eureka. They then start to raid the city, their young and inexperienced leader seemingly more and more out of his depth as the situation starts spiralling towards carnage and anarchy. Meanwhile the battered feudalists of the house DeCorba throw themselves into a desperate attempt to regain their former power and glory and attack the city council and its troops in a blitzkrieg coup d`etat. With the private military contractors of WillisCo out of the way and the city council arretsted, dead or on the run the city is in a violent turmoil. Fileldmarshall DeCorba try to enlist several prominent figures as members of their cabinet but fail as he is a political pariah due to affiliations with the feudalists and the NDPand and escaped convict of treason and murder.

House DeCorba ( the mrs) try to instate a new king of Eureka - Ironman - as a figurehead that can control the scared and angry populace as he is a popular figure with great pr skills. But he fails to rise to the occasion and leaves his subjects to the hands of the Painist cultist only days after he is confirmed as king. His ratings drop dramatically due to his cowardice and he holes up in his mansion surrounded by girls and bottles of prewar wine.

The citizens start fleeing eastwards away from the part of the city under attack from the cultist and start fortifying city blocks in the western part of the city.

Things look bad indeed- could they even start to be worse. Dont forget who is GMing this shambles.

Only days after these disastrous events reports trickle in of a massive infantry force on the move from the San Rafael area. It is confirmed to be the Militia expeditionary force only hours later. Soon the advanced parties have taken up forward obersavtion posts around teh city and the main force is manouvering for a siege.

Many longing eyes are cast to the open sea with its promise of free travel and new lands to be seen but alas. As comorants flocking a beached whale bleeding in the shingle of the beach black ships appear on the horizon some hours later. They take up positions blocking the waterways outside the coast. Who are they these mysterious black ships ? And why do they only linger on the horizon..waiting...

In the dead of night desperate and red eyed with lack of sleep and hoorors seen these last days the party members all chime in on their inter party frequency and start a semi coded conversation about their plight. What to do .. what to do..

Thus I leave the party..For now..Maybe as time passes the players will come up with something good..something that can save the day or indeed their characters lives...we shall see
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