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Default Morrow Project MARS Team MI-M-10

MARS Teams (1): MARS Team MI-M-10 was awakened when their bolthole was damaged, and the automated system brought them out of hibernation almost five years ago. After all attempts to contact any Morrow Project assets failed, MARS Team MI-M-10 chose to assist a local community that they had discovered shortly after leaving their bolthole. Unfortunately, the Team Leader (William Bounty) of MI-M-10 has become a petty warlord with his team acting as his personal enforcers. Those members of the team who opposed his gradual decent into tyranny have either been executed or imprisoned by William Bounty himself. The Command Team will replace MARS Team MI-M-10 with personnel who had remained loyal the Morrow Project became the core that the new MARS Team MI-M-10A will be built around.
Assigned: Morrow Project MARS Team MI-M-10
Team Members (10): William Bounty (Team Leader), Nicolas Makepeace (Deputy Team Leader), Scott Jefferies (Team Driver-Mechanic), Blaine Whitcomb (Team Communications Specialist), Vincent Boyajian (Team Heavy Weapons Specialist), Brian Davis McCarthy (Team Sniper-Scout), David Costello (Team Light Weapons Specialist), Paul Fredericks (Team Contact Specialist), Charlie Selkirk (Team Engineer & Demolitions Specialist), Edward Steen (Team Medical Specialist).
Team Vehicles (4): Cadillac Gage Commando V-150 w/20mm 4x4 light armored vehicle (1), Ford Motor Company XR-311 4x4 light combat support vehicle (3).
Location: <city/town>, MI

William 'Willie' Bounty, Team Leader: adult Caucasian male Charismatic 3/Assault 3/Leadership 4 (10th Level). SSG William 'Willie' Bounty served under the man who would become known as 'Krell' in the 82nd Airborne Infantry Division during the 1980s, and was one of his recruits directly into the Morrow Project.

Nicolas 'Nicky' Makepeace, Deputy Team Leader: adult Caucasisan male Charismatic 3/Leaderhip 5 (8th Level). 'Nicky' Makepeace was personally executed by Team Leader 'Willie' Bounty shortly after confronting him about his fears that Bounty was taking actions that could look as if he was going to himself up as a dictator.

Scott Jeffries, Team Driver-Mechanic:

Blaine Whitcomb, Team Communications Specialist:

Vincent Boyajian, Team Heavy Weapons Specialist:

Brian Davis McCarthy, Team Sniper-Scout:

David Costello, Team Light Weapons Specialist:

Paul Fredericks, Team Contact Specialist:

Charlie Selkirk, Team Engineer / Demolitions Specialist:

Edward Steen, Team Medical Specialist: adult Caucasian male Dedicated 3/Field Medic 7 (10th Level). As a devoted pacifist Edward Steen was allowed to attain conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War, but due to his love for the Untied Sates decided to volunteer to become a combat field medic to provide as much aide and comfort as he could to help his fellow humans in need. After the war Edward Steen joined the Peace Corps and traveled all around the world going to developing nations to provide medical care to those whom were without. Steen was recruited by the Morrow Project in the mid-1980s and found himself much to his amazement assigned to MARS Team MI-M-10 under the leadership of William 'Willie' Bounty. Ed Steen has been forced to provide medical care for the rest of the team after Makepeace was murdered by Bounty during his rise to power as a Warlord on the Upper Peninsula.
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