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Old 10-17-2008, 03:18 AM
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Default New Member's Thread

Welcome to IMO one of the best RPG gaming forum on the internet. The core of this group has been together for since at least 1998. For a group to stick together that long they must be doing something right. Even though we have a long history we always welcome new members.

(Please note if you do not relieve your confirmation email please PM me [kato13] to confirm you)

This thread is to provide new users with some information that might be useful for them.

The primary topic for this board is the Role Playing Game Twilight 2000. Post apocalyptic scenarios/fiction, general military discussions, role playing questions are also welcome. If you have an interests in these subjects take a look around I am sure you will find something of interest.

Off topic posts are also allowed but please be careful with discussions related to politics and religion.

In order to make certain important threads within this forum easier to find, I will link them here.

Here you can find some demographic information about our users and our opinions on questions. Please feel free to add your information and opinions.

Poll: Military Service
Poll: Where are you?
Poll: What do u do?
Poll: What is your birth year?
Poll: Browser Usage? 2021 Update

Gaming Questions
Poll: Internment Camps
Poll: GM Style
Poll: Player style
Poll: Your Preferred T2K Timeline
Poll: Best Tank Poll & Opinions

Introduction Thread
Introduce yourself here


Site Related
T2k Forum Thread Map
Attachment Map

DC working group
Collected Works of the DC Group
US Recovery Plan

Webstral's Thunder Empire Summary

Game Master Threads
GM RESOURCES - links to make GMing easier and better

Member's Favorite Threads
Post-apocalyptic picture thread


Other Forums
93 Games Studio

Antennas Forum Archive

T2K Yahoo

Member Websites
Paul Mulcahy’s Pages

Antenna's T2K Pages

Chico's T2K Filedump

Big Book of War (General Pain/Headquarters)

Twilight 2000 Wiki

Dave's T2K Stuff - Home (Rainbow Six)


Twilight 2000
http://www.farfuture.net - Current Publishers of the Twilight 2000 RPG

Twilight 2013
http://www.93gamesstudio.com - Publishers of the Twilight 2013 RPG

Purchase PDFs

Game Developer Links
Loren Wiseman

I am welcome to suggestions on how to improve this post.

(previous comments moved to another thread)

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