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Old 03-21-2021, 02:58 PM
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Default Bioweapons and Prime Base

Reading a lot of old threads here, as I am new. One discusses the bioweapon that took out Prime Base, and discusses smallpox, hemorrhagic fever, and possible diseases based on those that normally only affect animals.

But the Project has Universal Antibody, which should work on all of these. So why didn't it?

In my Project, Krell has knowledge and access to Project assets. One of these is Universal Antibody. Universal Antibody, if not properly tuned to the individual, is lethal in most cases (80%). And that's purely by accident.

What if the "bioweapon" used by Krell isn't a bioweapon at all? Universal antibody, specifically tuned to a host, should treat any other host as a hostile organism, to be wiped out. The Project team exposed to the bioweapon inadvertently brought a modified Universal Antibody in to Prime Base, a weapon that could not be resisted, and could not be cured, unless one knew to look for it. Worse yet, it was capable of reprogramming any Universal Antibody it came into contact with. So, the treatment becomes the disease, and the standard Project response to an unknown pathogen just speeds the patient's demise.

Why does Krell not use this weapon against anyone else?

Accidents happen. The lab guys who designed the thing fell victim to it, and the lab they used is now contaminated. His samples of the modified UA are gone.

Why did they nuke Prime, when capturing it was the goal?

Because someone realized what they had released, and that the EMP of the nuke was the only way to shut it down.
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