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Default US Sep Bde OOB

US Sep Bde OOB
Here's part 2 of the T2K Order of Battle series, Separate US Combat Arms Brigades.


Appendix B: Pre-war Separate Combat Arms Brigades

a. 29th Infantry Brigade (Light) – HI NG – Honolulu, HI

1) 1- 294th Infantry Battalion (Light) – GU NG
2) 2- 299th Infantry Battalion (Light)
3) 100- 442nd Infantry Battalion (Light) – USAR
4) 1- 487th Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 19th Cavalry Regiment
6) 227th Engineer Company
7) 229th Military Intelligence Company
8) Btry E, 216th ADA Regiment – MN NG
9) 29th Support Battalion

b. 29th Infantry Group (Scout) – AK NG – Nome, AK

1) 4- 297th Infantry Battalion
2) 5- 297th Infantry Battalion
3) 6- 297th Infantry Battalion
4) 329th Support Battalion (Fwd)

c. 30th Armored Brigade – TN NG - Jackson, TN:

1) 1- 109th Armor Battalion
2) 2- 109th Armor Battalion
3) 1- 117th Infantry Battalion (Mech)
4) 3- 115th Field Artillery Battalion
5) A Troop/ 230th Cavalry Regiment
6) 230th Engineer Battalion
7) 330th Military Intelligence Company
8) B Btry/ 204th ADA Regiment – MS NG
9) 30th Support Battalion (Fwd)

f. 30th Infantry Brigade (Mech) – NC NG - Clinton, NC
1) 1-252nd Armor Battalion
2) 1- 119th Infantry Battalion (Mech)
3) 1-120th Mech Infantry Battalion
4) 1-156th Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 296th Cavalry Regiment
6) 105th Engineer Battalion
7) 230th Military Intelligence Company
8) D Btry/ 204th ADA Regiment – MS NG
9) 230th Support Battalion (Fwd)

g. 31st Armored Brigade – AL NG - Northport, AL
1) 1- 131st Armor Battalion
2) 1- 152nd Armor Battalion
3) 1- 167th Infantry Battalion (Mech)
4) 1- 117th Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 31st Cavalry Regiment
6) 145th Engineer Battalion
7) 31st Military Intelligence Company
8) A Btry/ 204th ADA Regiment - MS NG
9) 31st Support Battalion (Fwd)

h. 33rd Infantry Brigade – IL NG - Chicago, IL
1) 2- 130th Infantry Battalion (Motorized)
2) 1- 131st Infantry Battalion (Lt Attack)
3) 1- 106th Cavalry Battalion (Assault Gun)
4) 2- 123rd Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 106th Cavalry Regiment
6) 108th Engineer Company
7) 233rd Military Inteligence Company
8) H Btry/ 202nd ADA Regiment
9) 633rd Support Battalion (Fwd)

i. 36th Armored Brigade – TX NG – Houston, TX
1) 6- 112th Armor Battalion
2) 2- 635th Armor Battalion – KS NG
3) 3- 141st Infantry Battalion
4) 2- 158th Field Artillery Battalion – OK NG
5) A Troop/ 108th Cavalry Regiment – LA NG
6) 736th Military Intelligence Company
7) 436th Engineer Battalion – MO NG
8) C Btry/ 204th ADA Regiment – MS NG
9) 536th Support Battalion (Fwd)

j. 39th Infantry Brigade (Light) – AR NG - Little Rock, AR
1) 1- 153rd Infantry Battalion (Light)
2) 2- 153rd Infantry Battalion (Light)
3) 3- 153rd Infantry Battalion (Light)
4) 1- 206th Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 151st Cavalry Regiment
6) 239th Engineer Company
7) 239th Military Intelligence Company
8) A Btry/ 233rd ADA Regiment
9) 39th Support Battalion (Fwd)

k. 41st Infantry Brigade – OR NG - Portland, OR

1) 1- 162nd Infantry Battalion (Light)
2) 2- 162nd Infantry Battalion (Light)
3) 1- 186th Infantry Battalion (Light)
4) 2- 218th Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 82nd Cavalry Regiment
6) 162nd Engineer Company
7) 241st Military Intelligence Company
8) A Btry/ 241st ADA Regiment
9) 141st Support Battalion (Fwd)

l. 45th Infantry Brigade – OK NG - Edmond, OK
1) 1- 179th Infantry Battalion (Light)
2) 1- 180th Infantry Battalion (Light)
3) 1- 279th Infantry Battalion (Light)
4) 1- 160th Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 145th Cavalry Regiment
6) 245th Engineer Company
7) 245th Military Intelligence Company
8) E Btry/ 202nd ADA Regiment – IL NG
9) 700th Support Battalion (Fwd)

m. 53rd Infantry Brigade – FL NG - Tampa, FL
1) 1- 124th Infantry Battalion (Light)
2) 2- 124th Infantry Battalion (Light)
3) 3- 124th Infantry Battalion (Light)
4) 2- 116th Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 153rd Cavalry Regiment
6) 153rd Engineer Company
7) 253rd Military Intelligence Company
8) E Btry/ 265th ADA Regiment
9) 53rd Support Battalion (Fwd)

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n. 66th Infantry Brigade (Light Attack) - IL NG – Decatur, IL
1) 1- 123rd Infantry Battalion (Lt Attack)
2) 2-130th Infantry Battalion (Lt Attack)
3) 1-178th Infantry Battalion (Motorized)
4) 2-122nd Field Artillery Battalion
5) D Troop/ 106th Cavalry Regiment
6) 135th Engineer Company
7) 133rd Military Intelligence Company
8) F Btry/ 202nd ADA Regiment
9) 634th Support Battalion (Fwd)

o. 76th Infantry Brigade (Light) – IN NG – Indianapolis, IN
1) 2- 151st Infantry Battalion (Light)
2) 1- 293rd Infantry Battalion (Light)
3) 2- 293rd Infantry Battalion (Light)
4) 1- 163rd Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 238th Cavalry Regiment
6) 376th Engineer Company
7) 276th Military Intelligence Company
8) E Btry/ 138th ADA Regiment
9) 113th Support Battalion (Fwd)

p. 81st Infantry Brigade (Mech) – WA NG – Camp Murray, WA
1) 1- 161st Infantry Battalion (Mech)
2) 3- 161st Infantry Battalion (Mech)
3) 1- 303rd Armor Battalion
4) 1- 146th Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 303rd Cavalry Regiment
6) 898th Engineer Battalion
7) 281st Military Intelligence Company
8) D Btry/ 216th ADA Regiment
9) 181st Support Battalion (Fwd)

q. 92nd Infantry Brigade – PR NG - San Juan, PR
1) 1- 65th Infantry Battalion (Air Assault)
2) 1- 295th Infantry Battalion (Air Assault)
3) 1- 296th Infantry Battalion (Air Assault)
4) 1- 162nd Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 192nd Cavalry Regiment
6) 892nd Engineer Company
7) 292nd Military Intelligence Company
8) E Btry/ 201st ADA Regiment
9) 292nd Support Battalion (Fwd)

r. 157th Infantry Brigade (Mech) – USAR – Chester, PA
1) 6- 68th Armor Battalion
2) 1- 314th Infantry Battalion (Mech)
3) 1- 315th Infantry Battalion (Mech)
4) 3- 42nd Field Artillery Battalion
5) B Troop/ 9th Cavalry Regiment
6) 377th Engineer Battalion
7) 157th Military Intelligence Company
8) 157th Support Battalion (Fwd)

s. 163rd Armored Brigade – MT NG - Bozeman, MT
1) 1-163rd Infantry Battalion (Mech)
2) 2-163rd Armor Battalion
3) 1- 221st Armor Battalion – NV NG
4) 1- 190th Field Artillery Battalion
5) E Troop/ 163rd Cavalry Regiment
6) 142nd Engineer Battalion – ND NG
7) 163rd Military Intelligence Company
8) F Btry/ 188th ADA Regiment – ND NG
9) 463rd Support Battalion (Fwd)

t. 177th Armored Brigade/ 60th Guards Motorized Rifle Division – Ft Irwin, CA
1) 1- 33rd Armor Battalion – Ft Lewis, WA
2) 1- 52nd Infantry Battalion (Mech)
3) 1- 63rd Armor Battalion
4) 177th Engineer Company
5) 177th Military Intelligence Company
6) 177th Support Battalion (Fwd)

u. 187th Infantry Brigade (Light) – USAR – Ft Devens, MA
1) 3- 16th Infantry Battalion (Light)
2) 3- 18th Infantry Battalion (Light)
3) 3- 35th Infantry Battalion (Light)
4) 5- 5th Field Artillery Battalion
5) D Co/ 5th Cavalry Regiment
6) 756th Engineer Company
7) 21st Signal Company
8) 187th Support Battalion (Fwd)

v. 193rd Infantry Brigade (Light) - Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, PR
1) 4- 10th Infantry Battalion (Light)
2) 5 -87th Infantry Battalion (Light)
3) 1 -508th Infantry Battalion (Airborne)
4) D Battery, 320th Field Artillery Regiment
5) 9th Engineer Company
6) 193rd Support Battalion (Fwd)

w. 194th Armored Brigade - Ft Knox, KY
1) 2 –33rd Armor Battalion
2) 4- 37th Armor Battalion
3) 4 -15th Infantry Battalion (Mech)
4) 1 -77th Field Artillery Battalion
5) 522nd Engineer Company
6) D Troop/10th Cavalry Regiment
7) 194th Support Battalion (Fwd)

x. 197th Infantry Brigade (Mech) - Ft Benning, GA
1) 2 -69th Armor Battalion
2) 2 -18th Infantry Battalion (Mech)
3) 1 -58th Infantry Battalion (Mech)
4) 4 -41st Field Artillery Battalion
5) 72nd Engineer Company
6) A Troop/15th Cavalry Regiment
7) 197th Support Battalion (Fwd)

y. 207th Infantry Group (Scout) – AK NG – Camp Denali, AK
1) 1- 297th Infantry Battalion (Scout)
2) 2- 297th Infantry Battalion (Scout)
3) 3- 297th Infantry Battalion (Scout)
4) 1- 207th Aviation Battalion
5) 297th Support Battalion (Fwd)

z. 218th Infantry Brigade (Mech) – SC NG - Newberry, SC
1) 1- 118th Infantry Battalion (Mech)
2) 4-118th Infantry Battalion (Mech)
3) 1- 263rd Armor Battalion
4) 1-178th Field Artillery Battalion
5) B Troop/202nd Cavalry Regiment
6) 178th Engineer Battalion
7) 218th Military Intelligence Company
8) E Btry/263rd ADA Regiment
9) 163rd Support Battalion (Fwd)

aa. Berlin Brigade – West Berlin, FRG

1) 5 –503rd Infantry Battalion (Mech)
2) 6 –503rd Infantry Battalion (Mech)
3) 6- 40th Armor Battalion
a) A Co/ 6- 40th Armor Battalion
b) B Co/ 6- 40th Armor Battalion
c) C Btry/ 320th Field Artillery Battalion
d) 42nd Engineer Company
4) Combat Support Battalion
a) 287th MP Company
b) 766th Military Intelligence Company
c) Service Company
d) Signal Support Company

Matt Wiser

I see you moved the 193rd from Panama to Puerto Rico-and on a Navy Base no less! They would have gone to Fort Buchanan instead. You forgot one brigade that's been on the forum: Frank Frey revived the 173rd Airborne Brigade and I believe it was 1995 when reactivated IRL. Since he never indicated where the Sky Soldiers were reactivated in T2K-where do you think they were stood up? Benning or Bragg? He did include a reactivated WW II battalion: the 555th PIB (which was the first all-black airborne unit-never saw combat and used stateside as smoke jumpers on forest fires). His composite Avn Bn, the 228th, used OH/AH-6s, UH-1s and AH-1s. Substitute Blackhawks for Hueys, and while AH-64s would be overkill in Kenya, given the level of opposition, the Marines loaning the Army some Marine AH-1Ws with NTS would help out at night. There was something else IIRC: the 228th was also flying some A-1 Skyraiders they found in Mombasa awaiting shipment to the Confederate Air Force when the nukes fell.


193rd IB was moved to Puerto Rico because IRL it inactivated in 1994. I felt the brigade would have been moved instead of being inactivated in this timeline.
http://www.red-devils.org/_regtcoat/inf_5081bat.asp http://www.warrantedgrafix.com/SEP_BDES/193INFBDE.htm

As for where I stationed the Brigade, Fort Buchanan is a relatively small facility (only 700 acres) and would not accomidate a brigade sized force. The only solution I saw, was to move the brigade to the much larger Roosevelt Roads facility (6800 acres).

BTW the Brigade would have redeployed to the canal zone when the war broke out anyways.

173rd Airborne Brigade was not reactivated IRL until 12 June 2000. This comes from multiple sources including the brigade's own website. So I did not include it in pre-war brigades. It will be included in a different list of units activated during the war.



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As for Frank Frey.......
This is from the WEBRPG board posted by Frank on 07/05/2000

Subject: The Lions of Twilight: T2K in Africa
Posted by: Frank Frey
Date: 07/05/2000 08:07


While going through some old T2K notes, I found my hand drawn AO map foe western Kenya. I used the map in a Merc: 2000 campaign. Here are some of the concepts for the T2K campaign.
1.) The main American unit in Kenya is the 173rd Airborne Brigade. It was reactivated in 1996. (oob available). It was orignally tasked as CentComm's mobile reserve force but wound in Kenya protecting the oil refineries there.
2.) The Kenya military in T2K is still a very potent force. They work with the American paratroopers in keeping things relatively orderly.
3.) The two main enemy organizations are the PARA (Pan African Revolutionary Army) a loose amalgamation of various tribal militias and warlord armies and Jundullah (Soldiers of God), a radical Muslim group that wants to establish a theocracy in East Africa.

Anyway, those are the basics. I didn't really get much else done.

Frank Frey


Subject: 173rd Abn OOB for Kenya
Posted by: Frank Frey
Date: 07/05/2000 14:30


As best as I can reconstruct it the, the 173rd AB deployed the following assets in Kenya.
HHC 173rd Abn Bde
173rd Recon Company (Airborne)(LRRP)
173rd Intelligence Company (Airborne)
173rd Engineer TF (Airborne)
1 Bn/ 503rd Parachute Infantry
2 Bn/ 503rd Parachute Infantry
3 Bn/ 503rd Parachute Infantry (Lt. Motorized)
4 Bn/ 503rd Parachute Infantry (Airmobile)
173rd Aviation Company
173rd Artillery Battalion (Airborne)(105mm)

There were units that were attached to the 173rd. IIRC, one of them was the 228th Aviation Battalion.

Frank Frey

Frank also had an OOB/TOE for the 228th Aviation Battalion but I can not find the copy I had of it at this time.


I was a taking a second look through this thread and saw I forgot a brigade.

bb. SETAF Infantry Brigade (Airborne)/ Lion Brigade - Caserma Ederle, Italy

a) 3- 325th Infantry Battalion (Airborne)
b) D Btry/ 3- 319th Field Artillery Battalion (Airborne)
c) Support Company (Fwd), SETAF Inf Bde
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