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Default Revised CentCom OOB

Frank Frey

Revised CentCom OOB



While going through some old papers a few days ago, I came across a revised OOB for CentCom. The new troop strengths reflect the absorption of the 8th Army units that withdrew from Korea. Please remember that this was written sometime in the late 80's or early 90's.
United States Central Command (as of July 1st,2001)
3rd US Army (Current Location Persian Gulf)
75th Infantry Rgt (Ranger)
Ist Amphibious Corps
1st Marine Division (3000 men, 6AFV's)
3rd Marine Division (4000 men, 15 AFV's)
5th Marine Division (3000 men, 20 AFV's)

XVIIIth Airborne Corps
82nd Airborne Division (3000 men)
101st Air Assault Division (4000 men)
6th Air Cavalry Combat Brigade (900 men)

IInd US Corps
2nd Infantry Division (4000 men, 4 AFV's)
9th Infantry Division (4000 men)

VIth US Corps
24th Infantry Division (3000 men)
26th Infantry Division (5000 men, 13 AFV's)

East African Regional Command
173rd Airborne Brigade (1500 men)
10th Cavalry Regiment (750 men)
228th Assault Helicopter Battalion

That's what I had. Feel free to use it as you see fit.

Out Here,
Frank Frey

Frank Frey


Thanks Frank!

Great stuff! Please feel free to post any other interesting old papers you stumble across.

I think it's really interesting to evacuate 8th Army to the PG rather than the US. I know most of us here assume that they'd head home. In a way sending them to the PG makes more sense strategically, as they'd be able to help secure oil supplies to rebuild the US. (And the evacuation fleet might be capable of transporting oil back to the US).

How to convince the soldiers in Korea that they want to go to CENTCOM rather than home? Maybe have some soldiers that evac'ed from Europe come to Korea and break the news that home isn't there any more and appeal to their patriotism to go to CENTCOM...




hey in the army I belonged to they don't ask you where you to go, they tell you...



I would like to write up a 2001 marine centcom order of battle if any one cares will post this weekend on this thread...



United States Marine Corps in Cent COM

I Marine Expeditionary Force

1st Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group (1205 Men)

HQ Co (75 men)
1st Intel Bn (210 Men)
1st ANGLCO (60 men)
9th COMM Bn (200 men)
1st Force Recon Co (50 men)
1st Radio Bn (210 men)
MCSFCo Diego Garcia (200 Men) (4 M750AC,4 Peacekeeper AC)
1st Small Craft Co (200 Men) (4 36' RPC,4 28' RPC,4 46' HPC)
1st Marine Logistics Group (1050 Men)

Combat logistics Regiment 1 (350 Men)
Combat logistics Regiment 15 (350 Men)
Combat logistics Regiment 17 (350 Men)

1st Marine Division (3900 Men)

HQ Co (75 men)
1st LAR Bn (175 men) (12 Lav25, 4 Lav90, 10 Lav supp)
3rd AAV Bn (175 Men) (12 AAV’s)
1st CEB Bn (200 men)
1st Tank Bn (200 Men) (12 M-1)
1st Recon Bn (109 men)

1st Marine Regimental Combat Team
1/1 (300 Men)
2/1 (300 Men)
3/1 (300 Men)

5th Marine Regimental Combat Team
1/5 (300 Men)
2/5 (325 Men)
3/5 (300 Men)

7th Marine Regimental Combat Team
1/7 (325 Men)
2/7 (300 Men)
3/7 (300 Men)

11th Marines
1/11 (225 Men) (12 M198)

3rd Marine Division (4410 Men)

HQ Co (75 Men)
3rd LAR Bn (175 Men) 11 Lav25, 5 Lav90, 9 Lav supp)
1st AAV Bn (175 Men) (12 AAV’s)
3rd CEB Bn (200 Men)
3rd Tank Bn (200 Men) (13 M-1)
1st Recon Bn (110 Men)

3rd Marine Regimental Combat Team
1/3 (350 Men)
2/3 (400 Men)
3/3 (375 Men)

4th Marine Regimental Combat Team
1/4 (350 Men)
2/4 (350 Men)
3/4 (350 Men)

9th Marine Regimental Combat Team
1/9 (350 Men)
2/9 (375 Men)
3/9 (350 Men)

12th Marines
1/12 (225 Men) (12 M198)

5th Marine Division (4660 Men)

HQ Co (75 Men)
5th LAR Bn (100 Men) (8 Lav25, 2 Lav90, 6 Lav supp)
5th AAV Bn (125 Men) (8 AAV’s)
5th CEB Bn (200 Men)
5th Tank Bn (400 Men) (20 M60A4)
5th Recon Bn (110 Men)

26th Marine Regimental Combat Team
1/26 (350 Men)
2/26 (350 Men)
3/26 (350 Men)

27th Marine Regimental Combat Team
1/27 (350 Men)
2/27 (350 Men)
3/27 (350 Men)

28th Marine Regimental Combat Team
1/28 (400 Men)
2/28 (350 Men)
3/28 (400 Men)

13th Marine Regiment
1/13 (400 Men) (8 M110A2)

3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

MAG-16 (1390 Men)

VMFA (AW)-121 (100 Men) (6 F/A18D)
VMF-214 (105 Men) (6 AV8B)
HMM-161 (130 Men) (8 CH-46)
HMM-163 (130 Men) (8 CH-46)
HMH-466 (150 Men) (8 CH-53E)
HMLA-367 (200 Men) (6AH-1W, 6 UH-1)
VMGR-325 (75 Men) (4 C-130J)
3rd LAAD Bn Co C (200 Men) (4 Lav-PIVAD)
MALS-16 (100 Men)
MWSS-371 (200 Men)

Total Forces 16,615 Men



Nicely done. I wish someone would write something up for the MEFF as well, something precise. I have some ideas but I'm curious about others' thoughts on this. I did write one up in an earlier thread btw.

One thing I've always wondered about though: how realistic do people think that having the Sauds on our side still would be, given such a scenario?



Frank and Law, good contribution. Law you have the 5th Marines twice the book strenght, did you have troops come from other disbanded units?
The Fusilier



[QUOTE=DeaconR]Nicely done. I wish someone would write something up for the MEFF as well, something precise. I have some ideas but I'm curious about others' thoughts on this. I did write one up in an earlier thread btw.

This is what I made years and years ago for myself...

Middle East Field Force (MEFF) (2400 Combat Manpower)

Field Force Command and Support
Headquarters: Al Manamah, Bahrain
Strength: 210 Manpower

No. 15 Sqn, RAF Regiment (Rapier)
Manamah, Bahrain
Strength: 50 Manpower
Notable Support: 4 Rapier, 1 Oerlikon 35 mm, 1 S-60 57 mm

No. 2503 Sqn, RAF Regiment (Field)

Strength: 100 Manpower
Notable Support: Light air defense

7th Army Air Corps Regiment

Other Deployments: Elements often located in Al Manamah, Bahrain for servicing
Strength: 300 Manpower
Aircraft: 4 Gazelle, 3 Lynx, 1 Alouette IIC
Notes: Shares ground crew support and supplies with RAF Puma squadron.

1st Platoon, 116th Provost Company

Strength: 40 Manpower (Light Motorized)
Armor: 1 BRDM-2, 1 Ferret

27th Armored Brigade (constructed mostly from Cyprus based units)
Deh Bid, Iran
Strength: 1000 Manpower
Armor: 4 Challenger, 1 Chieftain, 1 T72, Armd recce
Notable Support: Artillery, Light air defense, Engineer support vehicles, APCs
Command And Support Elements
The Life Guards (A) (Minus D Sqn to Waterloo Brigade, Canada)
The Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars (R)
1/The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
1/The King's Own Scottish Borderers
2/The Black Watch
23rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (M109A2/FH-70 Towed)
1st Field Squadron, 26th Royal Engineer Regiment

25th Infantry (Air Portable) Brigade
Locations: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman.
Strength: 800 Manpower
Notable Support: Light air defense, watercraft (incl. rigid raiders)
Command And Support Elements
42nd Commando Regiment (With attached SBS Troops)
539th Aslt Sqn
3/The Parachute Regiment
25th Gurkha Mountain Infantry Regiment (Former remnants of
Gukha Brigade)
Composite Commando/Parachute Mortar Platoon (Bahrain)

1/2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (Reforming)

Strength: 50 Manpower (Increasing).

[QUOTE=DeaconR]One thing I've always wondered about though: how realistic do people think that having the Sauds on our side still would be, given such a scenario?

IMO as long as Iraq is still a threat I figure they would be. Who actually is in control of their oil would probably be the important factor.

I doubt NATO would initially seize it outright as the French would problably intervene unless they were getting a big cut. But in 2300 AD, which uses the Twilight timeline, it does mention a Saudi war... NATO units in theatre supplied with French arms defeating them. However I can also see the Saudis starting to see NATO as an occupation force controlling that last of their oil and may try to strenghten their control of it to any degree.
The Fusilier


Evil Game Master

More T2k/Gulf OOBs can be found at The other board as they have been erased over here ... Sorry to say much info has been lost in the last erase. At least I know my started threads are saved.


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Frank Frey


Law: Excellent material. AFAIC, this replaces the original USMC OOB in the RDF Sourcebook.

Fusilier: What a great OOB! Just like Law's work AFAIC this replaces the British OOB in the Sourcebook.

Thanks to both of you gentlemen for your continued support

Out Here,
Frank Frey

Frank Frey


Combat History of I MEF DEC 2000- JULY 2001

1st Marine Expeditionary Force

This unit has been the corps size command unit for the marines in the gulf since day one. They were transported by air to the area in February of 1997 to be the advance party for the force. They were in the major combat of the last 3 years and are now Headquarted at the International Airport in the port city of Bandar abbas. During the last 6 months I MEF as been re-supplied and reinforced by two fronts. In December of 2000 they were reinforced with 2000 new personnel from Europe who were spread out to the MEF’s subunits. In February of 2001 the MEF was reinforced again with III Mef from Korea. III MEF Was disbanded Minus 5th Marine Division who was re-supplied and reinforced in the city of Bandar abbas for the last 3 months. I MEF Now Runs Security and stability Operations in the Bandar Abbas Sector. The Commanding Officer Is Major General Raymond P. Ayres JR.

1st Marine Headquarters Group

This unit is the higher supporting Forces unit for the MEF. It has been involved in every major combat action of the war and has just recently received reinforcements in February of 2001 from the now disbanded III MEF. This unit is set up in the area surrounding the Airport in Bandar Abbas. These units are routinely attached out to Subordinate units as support. 1st ANGLOCO and 1st Force Recon Co routinely do direct action missions to disrupt and eliminate forces in the Bandar Abbas area. The MEF Headquarter is Guarded by the MCSFCo Diego Garcia this unit used to guard the navy assets in Diego Garcia But was withdrawn in 1998 and now provide security for the Headquarters area and its high risk personnel. This unit was merged with 1st Fast Company in 1997 after they were stranded in the India Ocean when the ship they were to return home on was sunk.1st Small craft Co actively patrols the Bandar Abbas Harbor and the Shoor River. Commanding officer is Col James Emerson.

1st Marine Logistics Group

This unit is the higher Support unit for the MEF. This Unit doses all the motor transport, supply and engineer assets for the MEF. This unit has seen combat on all fronts during the war. Right now the 3 regiments are doing SASO Operations in the town of Bandar Abbas. 1st regiment is tasked with the operation of the natural gas fields in the port area and the operation of the gas powered power plant that powers the city. The 15th regiment is tasked with the operation of the fishery and the food cannery on the dock area. The 17th regiment is tasked with operation of the date and fig fields east of town and the citrus groves north of town and the tobacco fields south of town. This unit is essential to the daily operations of the Mef it feeds and powers the city and the MEF.The Commanding officer and his staff are responsible for the supervision of the contracts for the small fishing fleet and the large goat herd that supply meat to the cannery. The commanding officer is Col Brad Aiello.

3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

This unit is the Aircraft Supporting unit for the MEF. Most of its aircraft groups have been disbanded and merged with Marine Aircraft Group-16. This unit fought in all the major battles of the war and was re-supplied with personnel and gear in February when 1st marine aircraft group was sent over from Korea and disbanded. This unit is now stationed at the International airport and the 3rd LAAD Bn Co C now provides flight line and airport security. Flight operations are limited due to parts and fuel. Few parts and aircraft came from Korea the main influx was personnel. The commanding officer is Brigadier General Dennis T. Krupp.

1st Marine Division

This unit has seen the most combat of any marine division in the gulf. The Unit has recently just returned from here amphibious operations in the Chah Bahar area where they were highly successful. They have now returned and have spent the last two months resting and rearming its forces in Bandar Abbas. 2 weeks ago they replaced 3rd marine division on security duty and have 1st marine regiment on Mt. Geno 17km to the north. 5th Marines are on Mt. Poolad 16 miles to the Northwest and 7th marines patrolling the Shoor River area. The Division Headquarters is located in the northern part of the city of Bandar Abbas. The division supporting assets are split up among the regiments. The division will remain on this duty for the next 6 months. The commanding officer is Brigadier General James R Battagllini.

3rd Marine Division

This unit has seen combat on every front from the start of the war. The unit has just spent the last 6 months on security duty for the Bandar Abbas Area. Right before they went on security duty they were reinforced by the marines coming over from Europe when the first division was on operation to the south. Morale is high due to good food and fresh water and power the division is now set up in the once abandoned southern part of the city and has been rebuilding the area for themselves to live in. they will be here for the next 6 months refitting and resting as the MEF reserve. There commanding officer is Brigadier general Frank Libutti.

5th Marine Division

This Unit has spent the last 30 months in active combat in Korea and was withdrawn from Korea in February 2001 with the rest with III MEF. When III MEF came to the Cent Com AOR 4th marine division and 6th marine division were merged into the 5th marine division with support personnel and air wing personnel with out units. 5th Marine Division is now spending the next 6 month re-supplying and retraining its personnel to form a combat ready unit. Its forces occupy the deserted east end of the city and has made the place back into a city with there clean up and restoration of that part of the city. The unit has older gear but is still just as hard as any marine unit. The commanding officer is Brigadier general Bradley M. Lott



Units Attached to I MEF


Fleet Hospital 3 (300 Men)

This Unit maintains the large hospital inside Bandar Abbas and has a large aid station that supports the division assets on security duty outside the city.

1st Naval Construction Regiment (500 Men)

Naval Mobil Construction Battalion 17 (200 Men)
Naval Mobil Construction Battalion 18 (200 Men)
Naval Construction Force Support Unit 2 (100 Men)

This unit provides construction support to the Mef It has been with the MEF from the start of the war and is currently doing tasks for the MEF commander.17th Bn is doing road construction in and around the Bandar Abbas sector. 18 Bn is working on the water system to insure fresh water and sewage is maintained in the sector. Support unit 2 is doing work on the natural gas powered power plant.

Department of State

American Foreign Legion (230)

1st Infantry Co Foreign Legion (150 Men)
1st Cavalry Squadron (80 Men)

This motley collection of Americans and foreign born personnel work directly for the US consul in Bandar Abbas and do missions for the US government that the military cannot do due to political ramifications .They have free pass through the area and most of the Marines know them as a unit by sight. The 150 infantry do deep penetration missions and do security at the consular’s building.They are equiped with an odd assortment of jeep's,land rovers and civilian 4x4 pickups.All vehicles have machineguns or 106mm recoiless rifles mounted on them. The cavalry is self sustained on over 100 acres of cleared land out side the consular’s office. You can find any type of man and nationality here. One of the most loyal units ever seen to themselves and the thought of the USA. Most me have there familys and extened familys living in the area of the consulars complex of buildings. The commanding officer of the Legion is a Ex- US Army Major Thadious Rhodes. Rhodes graduated from west point and did 6 years active duty in the infantry field and got out to work for his fathers oil rig construction building company. He stayed in the reserves for 4 more years in a combat engineer unit and was promoted to the rank of major. He had been out 5 years when the war started and now finds himself running the legion. The company commanders are also a colorful bunch . The commanding officer of The cavalry unit is an ex-polish cavalry officer Aron Brocz who runs a tight group. The Infantry is commanded by a Ex-Infantry officer with the sweedish army who is a self styled viking. He goes by Thor Fridriksson. Both Men have the rank of Captian.

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