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Old 12-11-2016, 07:31 AM
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Default Flora

Has any one give thoughts on weird flora? I have of late and have two throw out to everyone:

Snow moss: actually a mutated lichen, that grows in moist areas in late fall on the south side of forests. It is white in color, hence its name, and has a unique medicinal property-it can expedite to heal wounds, that is scab the wound over. This would apply to cuts and gun shot wounds. The duration is a variable per the PD. The Snow Moss has to be kept moist or it loses it curative property after a few hours.

Honey Suckers: a mutated Honey Suckle plant that eats meat. Not unique but it has mobility! It moves in groups of 10-20 plants that can project a psionic ability of immobility to cause a paralysis in the victim(s), plus it makes a high pitched sound like an 'EEEEEE' as it moves. The sound is caused by the tiny feeler 'hairs' on the mobile roots. All this is preceded by a sweet, sickly smell of a honey suckle plant.
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Old 12-11-2016, 06:34 PM
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Glow cap

A bioluminescent mushroom. This produces a faint green light and has 2 main "industrial" uses
1. It is grown alongside roads as an aid to night-time travel
2. It is an effective bactericide

It is edible, but most people and animals find it too bitter

Hearts Bane

A mutated version of Oleander, and a popular poison amongst Breeders, Wanderers and Razers. its leaves, flowers, and fruit are crushed and the juice is used to coat arrows, or poison traps. The dangerous component is a cardiac glycoside. The Breeders (and some EmDees) can also use it for treating Cardiac Arrest or as an anti-cancer treatment
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Old 01-25-2017, 06:21 PM
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Terror Lily

These grow in large open areas with lots of direct sunlight and damp soil. These flowers bloom in the spring with a large single bloom sprouting from the top and multiple pod on the stalk approximately six to eight inches in diameter. Terror lillies grow taller than an average adult human in height and grow typically in a large patch of dozens to hundreds of stalks. Terror lily's are propagate by sprout an new member as a bud from a root. This is why a terror lily field is a dense mat of interconnected roots squeezing out most other plants. The terror lily sports a unique defense mechanism. The pods on the stock will explosively rupture and spew out a hallucinogenic pollen as a defense to damage to the plant, root, stalk, or flower. The cloud of pollen will occupy a two meter space for sixty seconds until the pollen falls to the ground or the wind disperses the cloud. Interestingly, the pods rupture on the same side the damage happens and only one pod at a time will rupture. There pollen acts upon the central nervous system by being ingested through respiration, ingestion, or prolonged skin contact. Breathing in the pollen or consuming it affects the brain causing a hyper elevated response in the emotion centers of the brain causing a irrational fear response. The affected is for purposes, terrified, and will abandon the area in terror fleeing at best possible speed for several rounds depending upon dosage.
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