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Old 09-02-2017, 07:43 AM
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Default A new, updated timeline for T2013

Under construction - the original post escaped online before I could finalize it.

Since the world has changed quite a bit in the past few years, I was thinking about a new timeline, but I would see it a joint effort with the members of this board.

There are several potential things leading to a global war. One is the speculated relationship between the U.S. president and the Russians that, in a possible scenario, will lead to his impeachment and, as a televangelist put it, an armed strife in the United States of America between Russian trained anti-Federalist cahoots and people supporting the Federal Government.

The Russians making a move on Swedish island of Gotland and the Finnish Autonomic Region of Åland, both which are vital for keeping the Baltic States defended as they are the key to keeping the Baltic Sea open for traffic, would probably spawn a conflict there. In the Baltic countries, a number of young male berry pickers with short hair and no bounty in their buckets have been seen around the military exercise areas as well as a number of unidentified drones with cameras. Also, the Russian outlets have multiple times "expressed concerns" on the treatment of "native Russians" in the Baltic countries. Nato troops in the region have some capability to stop an initial attack, but a full scale assault is going to be a rather difficult to stop without reinforcements from Europe. There is also the Kaliningrad enclave of Russia, which, combined with Russian troops on Gotland and Åland would make Baltic Sea unusable for anyone but the Russians.

If the U.S. were out of the way for the most part, North Korea might make a move on the south and China most likely would seek to expand its dominion on the Pacific. I would also consider the fact, Turkey has been steadily heading towards Russia under Erdogan's new regime and might actually break away from Nato that has kept it from outright attacking the Aegean islands belonging to Greece as well as escalating the situation on Cyprus.
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Last edited by Medic; 09-02-2017 at 08:30 AM. Reason: the original post escaped online before I could finalize itl
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Old 09-06-2017, 09:55 PM
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Actually are some of the things in Twl2013 aren't far off from what he predicted. Backlash against Migrants in Europe. Bombing at stadiums. Russia making moves on Ukraine. Formation of the European Battle Groups. And now massive hurricane hitting Cuba and the Florida area.

"On July 15th, most of the Caribbean and the southern half of Florida are decimated by Hurricane Larry, a category five Hurricane"

Of course some was pure crap like the reunification of North and South Korea.
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Old 09-07-2017, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Medic View Post

If the U.S. were out of the way for the most part, North Korea might make a move on the south...
Maybe it's just because I had a high secutiry clearance, but I don't think the ROK itself would have a problem taking on North Korea, though the missiles are a wild card. The DPRK doesn't have many nukes, though they seen to have a lot of missiles, on which they could mount HE warheads or dirty bombs. But the ROK, by itself, could probably clean the DPRK's clock, and they have gotten a lot of new weapons since I left Korea and before my security clearance was pulled (which was, probably due to an oversight, wasn't pulled for about a decade after I got out of the Army). And then, the fact that they will have US help, and possibly ANZAC help and even Filipino help and British help (and others I can't mention), and the clock is thoroughly cleaned. and I don't think the Chinese will help this time; they're more concerned with North Korean refugees than anything else, and will beef up their border, but they won't send any troops this time.
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