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Old 05-23-2023, 02:47 PM
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Question US 5th ID's Summer, 2000 "Raid"

From the 1e Player's Manual:

In the spring of the year 2000, the German 3rd Army launched its final offensive against Poland. It was postponed due to late rains—the soldiers were delayed in getting their fields planted. The objective was to clear the Baltic coast of Polish and Soviet forces and thus gain control of the plentiful Baltic fishing and the Vistula River barge traffic.

When the offensive finally got under way it was spearheaded by the U.S. Eleventh Corps, because the U.S. troops were less tied to their garrison areas than were the Germans. The initial drives were successful, with two U.S. divisions breaking loose and conducting deep penetration raids into the enemy rear area. While the 8th Division (Mechanized) headed for the port of Kaliliningrad and a link-up with the Free Latvian Army, the 5th Division (Mechanized) headed southeast toward Lodz. Then, everything started to come apart.
[Emphasis added.]

What do y'all think the writers meant by "raid"? The main objective of III German Army's offensive is explicitly stated in the first paragraph. "Raid", however, suggests more of a hit-and-run type operation, not a seize and hold one.

In my mind, the most logical explanation for 5th ID's part in German III Army's summer offensive (i.e. the afore-mentioned "raid") is to draw Soviet forces away from the Baltic Coast so that other III German Army units can seize and hold it.

In general terms, what do y'all think the objectives of division-sized "raid" in 2000 and beyond would be?

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