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Old 12-03-2008, 09:44 PM
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Default T2K13 - Keep it civil :D

Originally Posted by chico20854
The 2013 timeline, which I have not yet read beyond the teasers that have appeared over the last few years, has a number of fantasy elements in it.
I hope this comes across well as I'm not going to intend this as any attack against anyone in particular. But of the timeline only a small fraction (maybe less the 5%) has been posted. The timeline of 2013 is over 50k words and 60 pages at 9pt font. It covers almost every country in the world at some point. Judging the timeline based on 5% of material (all of which have been altered since its initial posting) is not really giving it a chance.

All I would ask is that people give it a read at least. I'm not asking people to drink the kool-aid. Hell, my own playtesters don't agree with everything I've written, its ok, you won't hurt my feelings. However, its really hard to a good debate against people who admit they've never even read it. I really want to talk about the story, I mean a real intelligent, fun debate over the little intrinsic ideas I put in there.

Are there leaps? Yes there are. Are there some really cool ideas? I'd like to think so. Can it take some improvements? Oddly, I actually wrote it in such as way that things can be added to make adjustments or improvements without causing any issues. It's things like that I'd love to talk about. So let's have fun. Let's talk. Here's a chance to bring a completely fresh outlook on Twilight. Let's us it.
Keith Taylor
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