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Old 04-14-2015, 08:13 PM
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Default Evil idea for rations cache....

Well...maybe not so evil as far as British, Australian or New Zealand characters (or anyone who lived for a time in the Commonwealth) in T2K/Merc 2000, but let's say your characters stumble upon a considerable, or at least rather decent food cache somewhere. Looks like enough to feed your characters for a little while, and maybe some extra to trade. Of course, you want to check out the contents, and first find that these came from the UK Commonwealth. Hmmm....upon closer inspection....

A 1/3 or so of the boxes contain hard bread/crackers/biscuits. The rest...?


Or, MARMITE! If you will, aka "salty tractor grease".

The look on your, say, American or Central European PC characters may be somewhere along the lines of "WTF????" But who knows? You might have just found something you can use to bargain with a nearby British/UK Commonwealth cantonment nearby! And you MIGHT be able to use it as a very thick temporary grease, it's certainly got almost the same viscosity it seems.

I only thought of this after purchasing my first ever jar of vegemite....well, marmite to be more specific as this one was made in the UK.

I spread it very thin on toast as they recommended, and ate it.

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to grow big and strong eating this. Not my first time trying this, but still...

Targan, you owe me $2.00.
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David Drake

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