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Old 04-22-2009, 01:26 AM
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Default Aren't you all slightly optimistic?

That's the question I'm asking myself when reading a fair part of the exchanges.

Everyone is talking of how great such weapon is, how nice such vehicle and how great such personnal armor. Fine but IMO, the PC's situation in T2K would be closer to that of Saddam's army than that of the US Marines.

Your favored weapon will still be there but ammo will be scarce and you'll be glad to use the AK you picked up on a dead russian soldiers some times ago.

Great, you were one of the few to get a dragon scale armor, and you loved it. Now you are looking with envy at your old fashion serg who prefered it's more simple Kevlar Vest. After two years in the dirt, without any proper care, your dragon scale has holes. No big holes but holes and that reminds you of the old dragon fairy tails that your grand ma used to read you. Each dragon always had a weak point, a hole in its armor.

Communication. Gee! That has been hell for month now. Hopefully, you have been able to put your hand on a couple of old wire field phone. They never brakes on you as did most of your radios and allow your group some distance comm when resting.

Now, just come to the vehicles. These have changed a lot. Your bradley died on you a few month ago and you simply left it there. Hopefully, you have been able to replace it by an old workhorse: an M113 that you found in a backyard. At first, it was not working but you mechanic has been able to fix it. That guy is great and, as he is of italian descent, he get a nickname: Michelangelo. You would all die for him as he is your best ticket back home. The Humvee is working almost fine especially since Michelangelo adapted a russian batery to power it. At last, you are running an old russian UAZ-469. It's ugly, you didn't like it at first but it seems that it will never die...

Of course this my GM opinion. I put plenty of different equipments in my game but the working ones are not that numerous.
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