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Old 08-13-2022, 11:58 AM
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Default Random PC Starting Equipment Generator

As a bonus feature in my recent random loot generator (discussion thread here), I included a rather gonzo PC loadout generator. Upon further reflection, I wanted something to generate similar, but less insane, results. So I spent the past couple of weeks tinkering. Here's the result:

Direct link: http://www.de-fenestra.com/t2k/kit_generator.html

Link to my T2k index page: http://www.de-fenestra.com/t2k/kit_generator.html

This has switches for nationality (currently every nation listed as a playable option in the BYB), the character's party roles in and out of combat, and the season in which the campaign starts. These are weighted rather than absolute (i.e., it's possible for a Yugoslavian character to be assigned a Canadian weapon).

(I briefly thought about having it display and auto-total weight, but that would have required me to learn an entirely new programming language because I think it exceeds the limits of JQuery.)

As usual, please report any bugs or weirdness. This one should generate results that usually make sense within the context of a classic European campaign.

- C.
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