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Old 01-21-2024, 05:35 PM
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Another LA location is Avery Island (of Tabasco fame). I addition to being relatively difficult to get to, the island is/was home to a salt mine with galleries going down to 1600 feet and shafts up to 2000 feet below ground. The mine closed in 2021 following a fatal cave-in. There are other salt domes on the Gulf Coast that could be used, but Avery Island has ongoing activity to camouflage the establishment of the stockpile, due to the Tabasco plant, oil drilling, and the salt mine. The mine itself is accessible by small craft and shallow draft barges from the intra-coastal waterway via vermillion lake, overland from highway 90 and from I-10. There are all weather runways at New Iberia and at Lafayette, and a small port at New Iberia.

In T2K, I-10 will have been cut by the strikes at Lake Charles/Westlake and Baton Rouge (especially if they got the Port Allen Complex), while 49 connects Lafayette to Alexandria (likely a MILGOV stronghold with the 85th Division at Camp Beauregard right across the Red and England AFB on the west side of the city). This means there’s a chance refugee swarms will have been kept out of Acadiana and thus away from Avery Island.
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Old 01-23-2024, 01:45 AM
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thank you. some interesting info to look up and research.
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Old 01-23-2024, 01:45 PM
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Default One for Western MA

Might be useful, especially in the Last Submarine arc.


I got to tour this facility in 1994 or so, since I was a firefighter in the community and we might have to haul someone out of a confined space inside. It had a 1960s and 1970s computer room (no systems, but MASSIVE power relays) and a war room with "the big board" reminiscent of Dr. Strangelove. Plus a shielded entrance in the notch between 2 hilly ridges. About 20 miles or so from Westover AFB and mostly unknown to the locals, even after the colleges bought it in 1990 or so.
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