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Old 02-09-2014, 09:24 AM
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OK, after some months without any activity, I gave myself a kick up the proverbial, so an update...

Alternative Survivor’s Guide To The United Kingdom

East Midlands added to Regional Guide
East England added to Regional Guide
Greater London added to Regional Guide
Border Reivers amended in Marauders
Bloody Mary amended in Marauders
Bandito Yankee amended in Marauders
Bad Company amended in Marauders

James Langham’s website added to Links

Most of the amendments to the marauder groups are relatively minor, and mainly involve changing the location of some groups to avoid having too many groups in close proximity to each other. Regretfully I could not get the Essex Boys marauder group to somewhere I was happy with it, so that has been pulled (I was happy with the character of the leader, so have used him elsewhere). A few people have also got new faces.

I think I can now call The Alternative Survivor's Guide to the UK a complete work (other than adding the 1996 Orders of Battle for the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, which I'll do asap). That's not to say that there aren't parts that could be improved, but frankly I could tinker with it forever and still think that (my old boss used to call me a perfectionist). So I'm calling it done (if anyone does spot any glaring errors please let me know - I know that some of the formatting doesn't look right if viewed on an I Pad, but as it looks OK on a desktop I don;t know how I can fix that). I may expand on some parts of it (particularly the Regional Guide, but also adding some encounters / NPC's) but that wont be in the near future. I'll also try and tidy up the site navigation to make it easier to move from page to page (that has already been done on the timeline). I might even try and write some modules based on it, but that wont be for some considerable time. In the meantime I have tried to leave some plot hooks in the regional guide. There's also the matter of a separate volume for Ireland...

I will also continue to work on non UK based material, which will also feature on the site as and when done.

As always, comments / questions are more than welcome.


A collection of articles written for the Twilight 2000 Role Playing Game

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