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Old 03-06-2019, 08:01 AM
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Default Proposal: Engineering Teams

In my own little project world, I've always listed Engineering Teams as part of support structure. I've gone as far as to state that there are smaller teams that would support states/combined groups and a larger teams that operate at the regional level. Beyond that point, there was never a need (or a real desire) to design such a team, mostly due to my local players being more interested in Recon, or MARS Teams.

Enter Eddie...a new player who is a former Army combat engineer, with a treasure trove of manuals!!

Here is a proposal for a Project Engineer Team:

Command Element
9 personnel
(2) 5-ton trucks w/Pneumatic Tool & Compressor Outfit trailers
(2) 2.5-ton trucks w/Shop Equipment, Woodworking trailers
(2) 2.5-ton trucks w/Tool Outfit, Pioneer Portable Electric Tool trailers

Embankment Section
4 personnel
5-ton truck w/floodlights trailer
Crane Truck (20-ton capacity)
Scoop Loader

Grading & Compacting Section
5 personnel
2.5-ton truck w/floodlights trailer
Tractor Truck, w/trailer hauling a Road Grader and a 6,000gal. water tank
Tractor Truck w/trailer hauling a Vibratory Roller and a High Speed

Excavation Section
6 personnel
2.5-ton truck,
(5) Tractor Trucks w/semi-trailers, hauling
(2) Wheeled Tractor w/Backhoe and Loader, (2) Full Tractors
w/Bulldozer, Scarif and Winch, (2) Full Tractors w/Bulldozer, Scarif and

(3) Construction Sections, each with
8 personnel
(6)5-ton Dump Trucks, each with (6) Carpenter’s Tool Kits, (6)Mason &
Concrete Finisher Tool Kits, (6) Electricians Tool Kits and (6) Pipefitters
Tool Kits

This is a 44-person team with over 37 vehicles, most with trailers. But it would allow for limited road repair or construction as well as essential personnel to build/repair any buildings necessary.

The reason that the American Army does so well in wartime, is that war is chaos, and the American Army practices chaos on a daily basis.
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