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Old 12-08-2008, 06:28 AM
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Default FARMING in T2K

Not sure if this warrants a thread of its own or if it should be bunched with GM RESOUCES thread or not .

Many NPCs or PCs will find that life revolves around agriculture and substinence farming after the shtf. ( shit hit the fan).

Imho most people live like this after an apocalypse in some capacity or they take instead of make what they need .(See marauder - or just hungry or desperate)

So what can you expect from an encounter with a "Stout yeomanry " as they are called in the V.2.0 book .

gear ?
- what would they have ?

crops - and crop yields ?
- how big a plot to feed 10 peopel for a year ,and what should they grow?

human factor?
- a thousand possibilities but something along the lines of who might they be,traits that might be characteristic, how would they respond to a certain type of situation etc

Clearly the GDW people didnt think farmin a very big part of the roleplaying fun - but for a touch of realism or the campaign that centers on more of a survive aspect and less of the fight and loot aspect I find it interesting .

Everyone else that have something -I hope you will chip in and of course that Kato will systemize as needed .

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farming, farms, foodstuffs

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