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Old 06-23-2009, 12:15 AM
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Default What does your gaming Group/Task Force/Team look like?

What kind of group does your game usually revolve around? Do your campaigns attempt to keep military protocol or do they throw it out the window and travel together "...just because it's safer to travel in a group..." or become marauders in all but name?

Our campaigns always had the players trying to keep military disicpline as much as possible, since it was something they already knew and they saw order as a better way to combat the lawless chaos that was around them.

One group that we had going was classified as a "platoon" that travelled ahead of the main body of 'battalion' as scouts. Their job had been to find safe routes, but when they got cut off after Kaliz they where able to stay in communication with the Battalion, and ended up becoming a sabotage force intent on creating as much chaos as possible to keep the Soviets occupied hunting them down and give as much of the units that had composed the 5th ID a better chance at making it to Allied lines, with the promise that when they reached 'safety' that they would have the higher ups use a helicopter evac for them.

Of course we knew that was a pipe dream, but it was still a glimer of hope that we held onto the entire campaign. And when the team receieved the Operation Omega orders they used the 'Last Train to Clarksville' to get to a rendevaous with the helicopter evac!

It was a great campaign. Especially when they got to Bremerhaven and decided to remain behind with the other units that had volunteered to remain behind as part of the US Army Europe.
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