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Default Canadian OOB Part III

Canadian Para-Military Units:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have convert from their pre-war mission to ensuring order and security in the western provinces, but specifically in areas of refugee sheltering. Federal Judges are now assigned to the RCMP, to allow quick execution of violent perpetrators and shaming of non-violent offenders. By executive order all western provincial gun retailers were closed and there owners employed by the federal government, their stocks interned for RCMP use. The RCMP are commonly armed with C-7 Assault Rifle, or 9mm pistols, with 12 gauge /12 gauge slug or 223 Remington weapons of various manufactures. The total number of trained police under uniform in the RCMP is around 15,000, counting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Auxiliary Force and the Legion of Frontiersmen members “On Load” to the force.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Auxiliary Force “The Redcoats”

The Redcoats, more properly known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Auxiliary Force, are a paramilitary force (Around 2,000) employed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), to suppress criminal actives in Canada by strengthen the RCMP posts, where they function as sentries, guards, escorts for government agents, reinforcement to the regular police, and crowd control. In January 1999, the RCMP began recruited for the Auxiliary Force and by November 1999 around 6,500 had joined. The new recruits received three weeks training under veterans of the old RCMP Emergency Response Team (ERT). This sudden influx of men led to a shortage of RCMP uniforms, and the new recruits were issued with army uniforms (usually only trousers) and surplus RCMP scarlet tunics, Stetson and belts. This mixture gave rise to their nickname, the Redcoats. The name stuck even after the men received full RCMP uniforms.

Legion of Frontiersmen

The Legion of Frontiersmen was originally a British imperial organization of Para-Military Volunteers that spread to Canada in 1905. Its mission was to provide scouts, guides and mounted riflemen to the army, and as well as, act as a sort of volunteer armed constabulary. During the First World War, the Legion of Frontiersmen helped form several units for the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The popularity of the organization had waned, over the decades since the First World War, of but the Legion has still active in several commonwealth countries, including Canada. During the opening months of the Twilight War the Legion was able to secure Essential Non-Government Organizational Status; a result of their recent affiliation with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Which lead the Legion into an secret arms-length agreement with Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where RCMP officers who were drafted into Armed Forces could join the Legion, to escaping the draft; and then could return to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their duties, but as Legion members “on load” to the force. This Currently the Legion stands at 6,000 members.

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Defense Force

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Defense Force was originally established by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations as a Tribal Police Auxiliary Force. Their mission was to provide homeland defense and emergency disaster assistance to the Indian Reservations of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. As the Twilight War dragged on, the needed for more trained personnel became greater and greater; this leaded the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Defense Force to submit their services as a Territorial Defense Brigade to Department of National Defense. With the force composed of over 90% Bold Eagle Program veterans, their offer was accepted. Recently a 5th Battalion composed of non-Indians was added to the Defense Force.

- 1st Battalion (Crow’s Raiders) –– Creighton, Saskatchewan
- 2nd Battalion (The Blackfoot Rangers) –– Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
- 3rd [Cavalry] Battalion (Black Bear Hussars) –– Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
- 4th Battalion (The Bold Eagle Battalion) –– North Battleford, Saskatchewan
- 5th Battalion (Prince Albert & Battleford Volunteers) –– Prince Albert and North Battleford, Saskatchewan

113th (Eastern Townships) Battalion

The 113th (Eastern Townships) Battalion is the centre of opposition to separatist rule in Quebec. The “battalion” with a good blending of inexperienced partisans with experienced former soldiers. The current commander is “Major” David Steiner; a former Deputy Superintendent in the Surte du Quebec, who has instituted a rigorous training program for the “battalion” and has developed a good working relationship with Canadian Armed Forces, which has greatly benefited the “battalion”. Because of this the battalion has now received; advisors from the Special Service Force, large quantities of C7s and C8 Carbine rifles, twelve light support vehicle, wheeled (LSVW), one M113A3 MTVL, five ILTIS, and three Cougar AVGP.

Department of Reconnaissance & Investigations; Canadian Security & Intelligence Service (CSIS)

The Department of Reconnaissance & Investigations was founded by CSIS in the immediate aftermath of the Soviet invasion of North America in order to provide accurate HUMINT (human intelligence), to Canadian government and other non-military agencies about the current state of affairs in war zone(s). Recently the Department role has expanded it’s operations to included Free Quebec and Western Canada areas.
I will not hide. I will not be deterred nor will I be intimidated from my performing my duty, I am a Canadian Soldier.
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