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Old 05-12-2009, 08:34 AM
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Default Canadian OOB Part VI

Quebec Mission d'assistance militaire français (French Military Assistance Mission Quebec)


When the Canadian Province of Quebec declared independence from Canada, the French immediately recognized the new country and urged other to do the same, this was prompted a request for military assistance should the Canadian Government bring military force against them, and also to assist with the training and organizing the Quebec Army.

This left France in a very hairy situation sending troops, and equipment away from France with a major war going on was not a good idea, should the war turn bad the Soviet might at France’s door, and with a huge NATO army near by France need a strong Military to enforce her neutrality.

The other problem was how this would affect her relations with Canada and US both share border with Quebec and sudden influx of military equipment and troops might trigger a response. The French Colony of St. Pierre and Miquelon were close to both countries, and with cores sample that indicated oil France did not want to risk the island being overrun.

The problem was Rassemblement pour la République, or RPR, this party urged for strong support of this new French State, urging was their duty after France had abandoned them, and they began to drum public support for this. This left France with two options. Give fully military aid to Quebec and send troop and equipment to Quebec and risk combat with the US and Canada and having to more troops and risk weakling it strong border defense, or send a small volunteer unit which they could deny any officially. Option two was selected by most

In late 1999 the French Military Assistance Mission Quebec sailed for the Quebec the plane was to conduct a night landing in the Saint Lawrence River, a Belgian Merchant Ship hired through a front company would land the unit. Due to the natural of the mission no surface escort was provided.

What the French government had not counted on was the fact the mouth of Saint Lawrence River had in fact been mined by US and Canadian navies a deterrent to Soviet raiders, ships that entering the river were to contact the US/Canada Coast Guard Task Force for an escort.

Around 0200 the ship was in trouble she had hit a mine and taken a lot of damage and was in danger of going down, the Ships Captain acted quickly and order cargo dumped which was most of units vehicle and APC’s, the ship did make to Quebec city to unload.


The Quebec Mission about 2000 men and women when it unloaded at Quebec City, current strength is about 1400. The unit was organized with an Infantry Battalion and Training Group, however give the small size of the Free Quebec Forces it was decided to break up the unit into five group each provided training and a combat force of a reinforced rifle company.

Most of the unit were members of the French Army or Marines, all had to resign after taking the assignment, No Legion member were taken at the request of the Legion itself. Average age is 25 and all members are veterans with 5% percent being elites

Current Status
I will not hide. I will not be deterred nor will I be intimidated from my performing my duty, I am a Canadian Soldier.
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