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Old 03-11-2019, 11:10 PM
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Default My old Twilight 2000 PbEM - revisited

I just was wasting time and I found my old twilight 2000 game on Yahoo Groups. I thought I'd post a snippet. This was way back in August 9th, 2000.

The players were from an Ad Hoc Defence Platoon operating as rear-area security as the front collapsed and the war changed character. Slowly they lost access to supply and the front disappeared. They spent most of their time fighting a Polish rogue ZOMO unit committing atrocities and eventually teamed up with a Polish anti-marauder unit as the chain of command disappeared.

One of the players, the Irish sergeant, has just been killed by a burst of 7.62x39mm M1943. Note that there was 11 Privates, 2 corporals and 2 sergeants.
(The Doc was always cranky if the PCs didn't have dry feet)
"Purple, green and white smoke drifts over the bank as Selner drags a groaning Ashdowne over the river bank and into the water. With a splash, first Williams and then Hendrickson land in the filthy waist deep water beside them. Rourke and Tosca splash over, Rourke holds his helmet on as he runs crouching below the shoulder high sandstone blocks that makes up the
river wall. Hendrickson pops back up and sends a few bursts up the hill to the road wall as the M3 obliterates a firing point with a deafening roar.
Further along, Stilson is checking his torn arm with a pain-filled grimace.
It's quieter below the level of the river wall, Ashdowne half floats and his half held up by Selner as he struggles against the slippery river weed footing until Rourke can help him out. Doc is cutting his vest open and yelling at Hendrickson to help her, Hendrickson swears back at her to keep her head below the wall level. As the Doctor and Medic get the vest open, Ashdownes white face turns to Williams and he say's softly "Ahh, shit Darc. Don' get ahngry naw, but I'f leyt mah feet get wet".
The three 7.62mm bullets have tracked vertically down his torso, ripping through his upper lung, solar plexus and right thigh. Worst of all, the leg wound has ripped apart the femoral artery, his thigh muscles rapidly absorbing blood by the litre.
Ashdowne whispers something, softly and pink foam appears on his lips.
He tries to grab Selner's hand but has no strength. Selner leans close to hear but the body goes heavy in his arms.
The sound of shooting dies away."
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