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Old 03-15-2010, 03:42 AM
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Default commander 184th INF BDE


commander 184th INF BDE


well i had already posted a partial history of the NA cell in the cumberland gap before, but for the 184th, here is its commander
__________________________________________________ _______________

Commander 184th Infantry Brigade

General Franklin Bedford: Age: 55 Elite

He was born and raised in Mississippi, the eldest son of a poor African American car mechanic. He was driven to improve his life and dedicated himself to school, thanks to a gift in mathematics, got into West Point and served 2 tours in Vietnam as a platoon leader. During the 70’s, he left the army and became an academic, but never left the Guard. By the time the war began, he was Mathematics Professor at University of Mississippi. When the 184th was activated, he took his place as Brigade XO. The 184th was moved to Ft. Bragg NC., to over see the continued flow of supplies to CENTCOM. He used his natural leadership ability, and gift with Mathematics to keep operations going right up to and eve following the Nuke strikes.

When the news of nuke strikes arrived in Fort Bragg, his Brigade Commander committed suicide. (Hearing the news that his wife, kids and new born grandson were dead in the strike on New Orleans.) Gen Bedford took command and kept his command from falling apart. Bedford was lucky, in the sense that his wife had dead in a car wreak 10 years previously and his teenage daughter was living with him at the time.

When the split between MilGov and CivGov occurred, Bedford declared for CivGov, believing that soldiers should always follow their oath to defend the Constitution, and places himself and his command at the disposal of the surviving Lt. Governor Terry Lewis (D.). While he believes most of the Milgov are just misinformed, he does believe that Gen. Cummings is a traitor and should be shot.

He attempted to rebuild where he could and maintain order in his Military region. But slowly began to lose ground. After the disastrous forest fire destroyed what little productive farm areas there were surrounding Ft. Bragg, he made the decision to move his command and what civilians he could to what he believed was the more fertile region of the Mississippi Valley.

He was able to keep and maintain control and discipline of the Brigade, but there were cases of desertions as men thought they had a better chance on their own then with the brigade. But the time his people were in eastern foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, he new he had to give the people either hope, or an outside enemy to prevent a full fledged mutiny. In the Cumberland Gap he got it. When he got reports from his scouts about a possible Bandit force ahead, he sent in a light Infantry Co. they were ambushed and killed to a man. He was shocked, and sent in 2 Mech. Infantry Co. with artillery support to take the town of Harrgate, TN. The troops took the town and found that it was occupied by elements of something Called New America, and from the interrogation of the prisoners, he found the NA to be everything he truly hated, a fascist racist state, in his own country. He has come to think of the NA as his truest enemy and ordered the 184th into battle. He will give the NA no quarter and will ask for none.

His personality traits are: Ace of Hearts, and Club10
He has a love for justice and believes in the law that is one of the reasons he sided with CivGov. Because of this, he truly hates everything the NA stands for. He is good under fire and is unafraid of combat.
"those who speak of the glory of war, have never seen it," Gen. William Tecumsah Sherman



This is a good background; I like now and then to have an NPC who is definitely one of the good guys. Keep writing. My only contention is: aren't American brigades usually commanded by colonels?



it was my thinking that as not only a post commander (CO of fort Bragg) he would also have been the the senior officer military region III,

but if you dont agree with the rank, bust him down to Colonel, to each thier own
"those who speak of the glory of war, have never seen it," Gen. William Tecumsah Sherman



Although it is morbid I like the touch about the CO committing suicide. In a T2K world I have to believe there would be a large number of people who just give up. Knowing that almost everyone you cared about is dead or scattered to the winds would be a challenge for anyone.



I really enjoyed your bio of the commander, but one little question 'wouldn't the commander feel a little apprehension with regard to the constitutionality of President Broward's claim to the Presidency' granted it seems a little thin an even several of my PC's have questioned it, but they rationalized their decision to remain with MilGov as following the last orders of the 'legal' goverment officers.



I think that the General would also be motivated possibly by rivalry at higher chain of command (which happens) and also by regional loyalty too perhaps. Also circumstances create motivations. For instance my players felt very much left behind and abandoned by Operation Omega and had to make their own way and so when they encountered Civgov first they sided with Broward. However that in a way is incidental, they privately feel disdain for the conflict and think it is a waste.
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