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Old 12-31-2008, 05:06 AM
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Default Player Aid /gaming Aids To Make Players Game Easier

As we already have a GMs AID thread with helpful links etc and the picture thread that helps a GM build his session I was thinking of something along the same lines for a player.

Many of the proposed posts are what makes some of the fun in the game so I guess not everybody will take to this thread.

I was thinking :

Player Character equipment lists : maybe several ,one for a light sneak patrol ,another for a battle type scenario -and then there are the climatic /enviromental variations. Some items will not be allowed /available by some GMs -but could easily be edited out in that case. I am thinking guns,ammo,supplies,gear,little tidbits to make it "human" etc maybe an explanation to some of it like " these things run on regular AA batteries that are common in civilian areas" etc

Player character contacts list: just a few names and ranks and words about some of the contacts a PC might have like " govt.contact: .Joshua Haider,age 38 ,IRS,Milwaukee,good hunter"
or "foreign military: Sgt.Ramiro Esteves,Columbia,age 29,heavy weapons specialist ,3.Inf.Regiment,Medellin,married to ex girlfriend."

Tips and advice : player sharing their strategies and advice to enjoy the game and keep the PC alive a little longer " always stay back with a sniper rifle -gets you further inm the long run" etc
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