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Default What was happening in the US post-nuclear 1997 and 1998.

Sault RPG Player 09-02-2005, 03:41 AM After watching the CNN due to having to have news on the TV in our hotel lobby and what is coming out of New Orleans as well as other areas of the Gulf Coast. It is kinda of surreal in a way due to the fact that this is so close in the back story what happens for the most part in the US after the Thanksgiving Day 1997 and beyond. The only thing with this reality is that we still have (in)effective national government(depending on if you ask someone who lives outside the region affected or someone from downtown New Orleans) and it is largely regionalized the affected area.

Now they have been reporting several items may see price increase beside the sharp spike that Gas has taken already. You know I think GDW was mild in the picture they had painted for post-nuclear war the more I think about at this time. Then again when you throw in a some localized and regional natural disasters and the looting. Throw in local support net stretch thin for a variety of reason such as troops overseas and lack of National Guard to call up. I am almost scarying myself...lol Not really, but my wife made a comment which one hears almost anytime that what she watch of the news this last week(only 15 to 30 minute from last night) it kinda reminder her of the bible end of time.(shaking head due to the fact that seems everytime a natural disaster hits anymore someone brings this up, just the first time I heard my wife say it....)

For that matter this is similar situation that can be imposed almost anywhere throughout the world in 1998 as both sides started to hit locations not within either alliance to prevent supplies from these locations could help out their enemy.

Something completely off topic they just reported a member of the 155th Mississippi NG Brigade was killed in Iraq. (shaking head)

Then they are talking about large number fires in NO and they think it is at a rail-yard or along railroad track. They are unsure what is happening and reporting large number of explosions. Draw up some more pictures of the vivid GDW back story. They were talking to LEO who broke down on the air talking to reporter who quote,"Thinks that the city is gone...It is gone." What a comment coming a local Police Officer. They are also stating that in some Police Precints that up to 60% of the Officers have melted away. They have been hearing gun fire all night too.... Freaky.

Well I will close for now. Please keep the people in this region in your thoughts and prays for the next couple days and weeks.



Sault RPG Player 09-02-2005, 04:19 AM The Governor of LA has asked for on upwards to 40,000 troops and more if needed. That is right more if needed and the way it sounds like they have all but declared NO under Martial Law, which I am sure will happen if the looting continues and more troops gets into the area. The Governor has said that the soldiers well be armed and authorized to shoot and kill(shaking head) wish it was that simple as she makes.

The Mayor of NO is whining because slowness that help has come to his city. It is almost like he forgetting that the the Hurricane only sideswipped his city and there were other portions of the region hit much harder and need the help almost as badly....

This entire thing has gone for way beyond FUBAR. The sad thing is the news outlets and most of the people in places like NO don't understand is that it takes time. Even if they had to moved into the area and mobilize more before hand it would still take time to move resources.

They are now mobilizing 100,000 troops for efforts in all services including Regular, Reserve, and NG units.(shaking head and learning something new as I type.)

Well I am out of here for the weekend. Going to take my son downstate to see family. Ouch as the gas prices soar... To bad we had planned this trip for month before things happen and getting time off after this weekend until next spring is like pulling teeth due to the staffing here...



pmulcahy 09-02-2005, 08:04 PM One of the shocking things I see on the news from New Orleans is the scale of looting. The looting of both necessary items, like food and drink, and crap the people couldn't possibly use, such as toys, big-screen TVs, etc. I even saw one reporter asking a woman why she was looting -- and the looter was a police officer! (The police officer replied, "I'm doing my job." Amazing.)

Strangely enough, I was watching, two days before Katrina hit, a show on the National Geographic channel about what could happen if a major hurricane hit New Orleans. One scientist said that between the above-ground cemetaries, the dead from the storm (human and animal), the sewage polluting the water, the damage in general, and the breakdown of law and order, the city of New Orleans could literally become permanently uninhabitable. Another said that even a catagory 3 hurricane could make it uninhabitable for as much as 50 years. Both projected a major recession to hit the US after a disaster such as what has already happened to New Orleans, because much of our refining capability is in that area, and it is one of the few ports in the US able to dock and offload a supertanker.

Anyway, in a Twilight 2000 context, this is the sort of thing that would be happening in every major and not-so-major metropolis, all over the world.


thefusilier 09-02-2005, 10:16 PM Yeah, it makes it a little easier to understand how the military with its overstretched resources in T200 (war Europe, Korea, Iran, etc) lost complete control of many cities and large parts of the states. And also how after days and weeks without disaster relief in the nuked areas how mass numbers of people would snap and become violent.


Abbott Shaull 09-07-2005, 02:26 AM Yeah, I can understand if it had been weeks or longer for this type of breakdown of civilization had taken place. Yet, it was only 3 days from when the Mayor of New Orleans had realized that there was a much larger problem and the time he was whining on Radio interview. Let alone that many of the people he was looking for help for had to go through the affected areas of Alabama and Mississippi.

It is going to see what the fall out of this is as the blame game is starting and the shell game on who is ultimately to be held accountable for the slowness of this response. I myself think with everything considered it has gone pretty well. There have been some shortcoming that I am sure will be studied extensively and the weak links in all of this mess will be replace. It seems lessons that should of been learned earlier have failed to be totally realized as lessons to learn.

It is interesting that when they evacuating the mass and using the Superdome as a shelter during Hurricane. Does anyone beside me find this not only silly but moronic. It is dome sports arena and we know what happens to these 'domes' during high winds and what do hurricanes have plenty of beside water. :confused4 It seems that both the Mayor and Governor should of handle this entire situation differently. They get shown whining and then when the Governor was ask if they wanted the La. NG federalized and rejected the idea due to the fact once federalized that the NG troops lose their law enforcement capabilities make both them look to be really foolish and realize that they both egg on their face.

Then again if I was in the effected area and was hearing the sh!t that mine city Major and state Governor were spewing out. Then I think I would be out there looting too...lol.... If they would of thought of what they were saying they would of never said what they said. One stating that we don't have help coming and where the hell is it. Then the other saying we are sending in troops to shoot to kill if you are looting. Both conflicting and can be overwhelming and taken out of context if you don't have means to be inform in the scope of the real problem the nation has been facing.

Well I get off the soap box...



DeaconR 11-15-2005, 10:57 AM I was reading this over again and thinking that one thing to add as well is that food, medecine and clothing need to be shipped to most modern cities, or at least the materials to produce them. It is not just government it is also business infrastructure that could be damaged beyond immediate repair.

For instance, the average food store gets a delivery once or twice a week. If they don't, they start running out of things. Anyone who has been in a troubled nation knows that they run out of things frequently, and in those situations things are actually not as bad as they generally are in TW2000. So if you couple that with major transportation being damaged, corporate organization being ruined by major cities being nuked or by emp damage to communication systems, added to the confusion of mass evacuations you have a societal breakdown just waiting to happen.

By 2000-2001 this is beyond repair in many areas. No one is delivering anything. Fuel shortages, food shortages and lack of national organized transport would make this very difficult indeed. The areas that managed to do well would I believe be those which had manufacturing areas right beside areas of production of food and base materials, which is what I believe the game generally depicts.

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